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The Manliest Jobs on Earth

Nobody grows up wanting to be a neurologist, or an accountant. Little boys all dream of exciting careers like being astronauts or firemen, and to be honest a lot of grown-ups still do. While we all know that some people need to be cogs in the wheel for the world to work, some people are lucky enough to actually be the wheel! This list is enough to give you the itch to change your career, and to finally be one of the cool guys that gets to walk away from explosions and life the perfect lifestyle for men. Are you game?

Demolition Expert

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Demolition Expert earn $21.81 per hour, or $45,370 per year, as of 2010 ( Source )

Were you one of those little tykes that loved destroying Lego builds and pushing over Jenga blocks?

Then this is the coolest career you will ever get to have. Demolition Experts get to take this to a whole new level, by blowing up buildings and driving around vehicles that were the dream for every little boy pushing around his yellow trucks. There’s obviously more involved than just pushing a button or lighting a fuse, but the amount of action you get is still better than you would ever imagine.


Shark Tagger


interesting jobs for men

To become a shark tagger you have to first become a biologist, and who knows how much they make

If you watch Jaws with glee instead of horror, then you should definitely consider being a shark tagger or a biologist. This is definitely one of the manliest jobs out there, but also an incredibly important one. Tagging is essential to keeping track of shark populations, migration patterns and shark habitat’s. Imagine it, just you, the salty spray of the sea and a harpoon in your hand aimed at the creature in the waters below you. Tan Tan..Tan.. Tan


Card Shark


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Professional Gamblers are ether highly in debt or very rich

Instead of tagging sharks, you could always be a card shark. That’s the case for Phil Ivey, one of the most well-known and successful professional poker players in the entire world. Not only does he get to play poker for a living, but he gets to thrive on the adrenaline rush of having 7 World Series of Poker bracelets. Ivey also makes around $6 million a year just by playing poker online. If you do chose to be a pro poker player make sure that the money doesn’t get to your head. Phil Ivey went on to pull of a 9.6million scam operation. Sound like a cool career yet?


Pro Gamer


awsome jobs for men

Some live with their mother, others like Jonathan Wendel earn $454,544 a year

If poker games aren’t your thing, then maybe video games are. Wish you could play video games for a living?

Because that’s what Jonathan Wendel, aka Fatal1ty did. He used to play games professionally, winning up to $500 000 in gaming competitions. He specialized in first person shooters like Doom 3 and the Quake franchise, and his major sponsorships allowed him to create his own brand of gaming tech and gear. Now that’s a cool dude living the dream!



Stunt Man


amazing jobs for men

Stunt Men can make up to $200,000 however just like any acting job it depends on how much work you get

Ever wanted to be paid to drive cars at high speeds through explosions and flashing lights? Can you imagine doing that and not having to pay for any damages? That’s what movie stunt drivers do for a living, and it is the coolest of the cool. Of course, you don’t end up being as famous as the lead roles of the film, but imagine being able to drive cars like those from the Fast and Furious crowd while mingling with all the awesome and pretty celebrities around you. The ultimate job for petrol heads, the job can even pay really well if you get good enough to break into the industry.


National Geographics Photographer


adventerous jobs for men

editorial rate in the US is about $400-$500 per day

Want to simultaneously travel the world by seeing some of the most incredible animals the world has to offer? Apply to be a photographer for National Geographic, and bring home to most amazing stories known to man. Sure, sometimes you’ll have to flee in terror like these poor guys, but just imagine the stories you’ll tell! Perks of the job include incredible scenery, culture and never having to sit at a desk in an office again.


Professional Lumber-jacking


rugged jobs


Nearly all Professional Lumberjacks will tell you that it’s not a money making thing, they do it because they love to do it. Some make a six figure income every year, winners get sponsorships for endowment. When it comes to professional logging, the median annual pay is around $34,670 for logging workers. Proving your manhood has never been easier than through logger sports, also known as competitive lumberjack-ing. Pit your best against the beefiest of dudes in all the land by chopping down trees with dangerous equipment for entertainment. Events include stuff like log rolling, chopping wood and something called speed climbing. Now this is something that should be a lot more mainstream, so get to it!




dangerous jobs

You will need a PHD and a post doc, volcanologist make $30,000 to $90,000 depending on seniority level. What could be cooler than coming face to face with a volcano every day? Not too much really, and volcanoes are super in since Pixar’s Inside Out dropped the newest Pixar short called Lava. Becoming a volcanologist doesn’t sound too glamorous until you consider how cool it is to study magma and bubbling lava, while girls swoon around you (hopefully not into the volcano). Plus you get to save lives by predicting eruptions, which could save millions of lives.


Professional Food Taster


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Imagine tasting amazing food for actual money. That is something we can get behind! Just like Anthony Bourdain gets to travel the world and taste food for his show, you could get to try food of all kinds of tastiness as a job. Ribs, pies, homemade ice-creams, pastries, cakes and anything else you can think of is on the table! Of course this is a super serious profession, and if you don’t exercise regularly you might develop a couple of health issues, but getting to taste all this incredible food is definitely worth all the effort!


Sword Smith


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This is one of those positions that has become obsolete. If you can make display swords and sell them you could make a decent living, however that would mean starting your own business and investing into something that is low in demand. If you do make a career out of sword smiting we would love to feature you in our cool dudes section.

From the centuries of old to modern times, being a bladesmith is still one of the coolest professions in the world. Not only will you have muscles of steel, but you’ll get to work them out all day while you smash heated steel and make beautiful knives, swords and blades. Carve out your own niche in the field (get it?) by creating the manliest art there is, all while relieving stress by smashing the crap out of stuff.


Boxing Cut Man


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Last but definitely not least, there is the best profession for a fan ever. For all the dudes that love boxing, you may have found your dream job here! Becoming a cutman means you get to treat boxers for skin grazes and cuts during breaks, while still seeing all the action from the ringside seats you’re offered. That’s a pretty sweet deal, as well as the fact that you get to hang out with famous boxers and ring girls all day just to treat a bit of swelling and some cuts!


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