Ice Breakers Cool Blasts, For When Your Breath Stinks

Ice Breakers Cool Blasts are a great companion to have when you’re with…your companion. The new ad takes us right into the action of a familiar scenario, one which you might just be able to relate to. The scene is a couch in a living room. A young man and a young woman, who apparently like, but do not know well, each other. The implication is that the young man wishes to plant one on the young woman, and she seems amenable to the thought, though nervous. But then, the all too familiar taking of stock of one’s own acceptability seems to befall the young man, arresting him before he is able to make his move.

And that’s when things get weird. The young man’s hand, or rather, his palm, starts to talk to him. The palm reveals that his breath is heinous, and punishes him for it with repeated slaps. Why didn’t he floss? Why didn’t he drink enough water? These are the thoughts that seem to jump and flutter behind the young man’s frightened eyes. He seems crestfallen, unable to move or think. But then the same hand which put him in this predicament proposes a suggestion:Ice Breakers Cool Blasts.



Ice Breakers Cool Blasts are easy to keep close at…hand, perfect for prettying up a dirty mouth when it’s called suddenly into action. The young hero or our thirty second video tale catches the hint and pops anIce Breakers Cool Blasts, and is presumably swept away on a cloud of success and pleasure. The end of the story is not revealed to us, but perhaps it’s better left to the imagination. Instead, we are called to action, to buy our ownIce Breakers Cool Blasts, to be ready for whatever hand life deals us.


Author: Ibropalic

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