How To Dress Better in 2017

how guys can dress better in 2014

Change can be a challenge for anyone, but at some point, cleaning out the closet is a necessity. There comes a time when a man has to evaluate his appearance… and throw away his holey jeans and come cool t-shirts. This is especially true when trying to obtain a specific goal, like a better paying job and a significant or steady other.


As men, there are challenges we secretly ensure that the opposite sex is clueless about. We have a unique backward sedentary yet a loyal sense of fashion. We are also gifted with an uncanny ability, to make jeans and a cool shirt the ideal outfit for any occasion. The latest fashion trends come and go, but Levis and a Cotton T-shirt are forever.

The unfortunate reality we have to face is… jeans and cool t-shirts are not the answer to everything. Most things yes, but there are a few occasions when the black loafers need to come out. It seems rough, but there are plenty of cool, casual options out there, that still provide comfort.

Clean out your closet

The first step to creating a more versatile self is the cleansing of the closet. It might sound painful, but it just boils down to throwing away jeans, pants, shorts, shirts and socks that have holes, tears, rips, mustard stains, is too big or too small etc. etc. Keeping a set or two of “yard clothes” is fine, to use for lawn work or digging a ditch for some reason.

Shopping with Sanity

Consider these 10 style tip.

Shopping has never been considered on man’s friend list. In fact, most of us hate it. However, there are ways to go about it swiftly and easily. First off go and get fitted, write down your sizes for pants, shirts, suits and keep that card handy in your wallet. Now you are prepared to walk into any store and go looking for something that catches your eye. Regardless if you are in a department store like Macy’s or a Second Hand Store, clothing is usually set up by size.

Do not wander to far from your core. Just add a few things at first, and get a feel for the change. It is OK to take things slow at first because your style will evolve as you start paying attention to whats out there. Don’t  go out and buy 5 different pants at the same time. This is not an overnight process in most cases.

Remember that returns and exchanges are a common retail practice, if you don’t like a pants cut or the way the shirt feels you can return it and try something else.

The Flexibility of Khaki and Black

Starting with the pants can be easiest for a man. Pick out a nice pair of khakis and some black cargo pants, with similar variations in shorts. Feel free to throw in some Navy or a shade of dark blue or gray for fun. You can now create quite a few new looks, that will still be comfortable, look cool and offer more flexibility then your previous clothing.

The greatest thing about Khaki and Black is match ability.  You do not have to buy anything your uncomfortable with, and nothing to insane. The goal is to add a little variation within the denim realm. We should all be grateful pantaloons and spandex are not popular.


modern khaki pants for men fashion


mens fall trousers

Button Up Versatility

Now is the time to put the t shirt in time out and put on a golf shirt, sweater or a button up shirt. You can stick with shades of gray for the black, or black for the khaki, but consider throwing in some color. Red will flow with both Khaki and Black, as will Dark green, orange, yellow and blue. When it comes to button shirts, you can experiment with patterns and colors as well. Choose patterns that will mince with several pairs of pants to broaden the wardrobe.

During chilly seasons, you can layer and wear a sweater over the golf shirt or a tank top beneath a button shirt. For those extra chilly days, throw the sweater on over the button shirt.


mens fashion advice layering


mens fashion advice layerin with sweaterg


No More White Socks

Take a walk on the wild side with some wild print socks instead. Just pick a pattern that has the color of your shirt or pants, both if possible. You can create a whole collection of wild, crazy comfortable socks, trust us they are comfy. This way you can show your wild side rather you are at work, school, home or hanging with friends.

Plus, patterned socks will make it a lot easier to find those mates on laundry day.

Nice Pair of Shoes

Put away the sneakers for days you exercise. It is time to put on some nice loafers, or something with a pointy toe. Brown is great for anything, including khaki, keep in mind that brown shoes par
up great with khaki pants, black…. not so much. Find something comfortable that you enjoy walking in, if you have trouble finding a pair that is comfortable consider buying a shoe insert. Take a few steps, make sure these shoes can replace those sneakers in the comfort and wear ability realm.

Also make sure their casual enough to go with your pants and chosen shirts. You don’t want Patton leather. You should be able to flex the shoe nearly as well as a sneaker with a bit more resistance.

Sharp Dressed Man

There comes a few occasions in a man’s life, when a suit or a tuxedo is in order. Both are good to own, and can be purchased new or in a second hand store. The primary objective is NOT to buy either one in a size larger then what you actually wear. Instead, buy from a men’s store where you can get fitted for one. Try a few on, don’t feel obliged the buy just because they are helping you out. Make sure that you like the look, it should make you feel good and confident when you put it on. You will find the look is well worth the time spent.


mens fashion advice make sure to get a fitted suit


A correct fit is more comfortable. It also hangs correctly on a man’s stature, showing his actual physique instead of making him look like a large box shape. A fitted shirt will hug the body more closely, but if not available, getting the correct collar and sleeve size is important. You do not want the buttons to pull apart, nor do you want several inches of overlapping material. Lastly get a pair of cuffs to go along with your suit, every man should own a set.

Comfort and Style

The above tips can help men maintain comfort, but evolve into a more unique and socially acceptable style. These style combinations offer versatility and can be kept low key, or pop with color. There are an abundance of ways to dress up these styles as well, such as the addition of a tie or scarf.

Here are some examples we like for the coming Fall / Winter Season 2014.

mens fashion styles


mens fashion styles fall 2014


mens fashion styles winter 2014

There is no argument the right size Levis provide a comfortable fit, but the style just isn’t for everything anymore. These are the basics first steps to take to dressing better. Get rid of your 20 year old wardrobe and start slow.

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Author: Eric Pangburn

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