Hemingway Tailors Dress Shirt Review

hemingway ready to wear dress shirt review

Hemingway Tailors Ready to Wear Dress Shirt Review


Have you been searching for the perfect dress shirt to wear for different occasions such as weddings, corporate parties, among others?

If so, you are not alone as most men also experience the same problem. Men are regularly complaining about their inability to get a dress shirt that will offer the right balance of excellent color, perfect fit, and outstanding quality.

This is why Hemingway thought it wise to make the perfect dress shirt that will tick all the right boxes. We will take an in-depth look at what makes this shirt stand out, it’s few drawbacks and why you should not hesitate to add it to your dress shirt collection.


Hemingway Ready to Wear Dress Shirt Features

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General Design 


The Hemingway dress shirt is a pain shirt that comes with long sleeves, semi-cutaway collar, exclusive pearl buttons and a straight double or French cuff. It is stylishly made to fit men of all shapes and sizes and can be used for everyday wear as well as for occasions.

Regular fit 

This shirt is made with the company’s usual regular fit design. This was made taking into consideration men of different sizes. The regular design is a mix of the slim and classic design, which is why it is perfect for everybody structure. It has a stunning, well-designed and fitted cut shape.

It is not easy to find something that fits perfectly when you have a body size that’s either too small or too big. However, this shirt takes all the worry away from you.


The shirt is made from a poplin material, along with a middle-weight cotton material. It is a well-sewn shirt that boasts of long sleeves, a straight double cuff as well as a semi-cutaway collar.

Suitable for the Perfect Gentleman

The shirt is a classic dress shirt for the modern gentleman. It will make you stand out from the crowd because it is strikingly beautiful as well as extremely stylish. We can bet you that by the time you add this shirt to your wardrobe, you will want to wear it every day.

Can be combined excellently 

The Hemingway dress shirt is excellently designed in a very simple way that allows it to work with several outfit combinations. Thus whether you want to wear it casually with a pair of jeans or as part of a corporate attire, you will still appear stylish and different.


Some Strong Selling Points

hemingwaytailors shirt review


Comes in Several Sizes 

This dress shirt comes in different sizes, from the smallest to the biggest size. This means that no matter your body size, you will find your perfect shirt size.

Suitable for all Seasons 

The Hemingway dress shirt is made from 100% two-fold mid-weight cotton as well as poplin fabric, making it suitable for all weather conditions.

Ready To Wear 

Apart from the fact that the dress shirt is made from cotton and poplin weave fabric, it is also ready to wear. You will no longer have to waste your time ironing the shirt so there will be no more worries of missing the bus or your next meeting.



The shirt only comes in three colors of blue, purple, pink and white. This limitation in colors is a drawback especially to those who have a taste for a wide array of colors.

Delivery Information and Return Policy 

If you need the shirt, you will have to allow between three to five days before you can pick it up as it will need to be pressed and packaged. This is to ensure that you can wear the shirt as soon as it arrives. The designer does not wish to ever have you return any of the orders, which is why they take their time to make the best for you.

However, should you feel as though you settled for less and need your money back, you can return the shirt within thirty days of receiving your order, so you can get a full refund or exchange?


Hemingway Tailors Conclusion


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There are few dress shirts in the world today that are better, more stylish and suitable for all weather conditions as the Hemingway dress shirt. If you want to look stylish and stand out from the crowd, then this shirt is for you.


Take a look at Hemingway Tailors Ready To Wear Dress Shirts




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