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The Extreme Micro Drone 2.0 + Aerial Camera

The Future is in Your Hands! The Micro Drone 2.0 is the next step in aerial videography. The quadracopter design was specifically engineered to right itself in any orientation. You can throw the Micro Drone 2.0 into the air like a Frisbee or stick it to a glass surface for takeoff and the internal gyroscope will make sure that your flight is stabilized every time. Designed for indoor and outdoor use, the easy-to-use controls provide a captivating RC flight at up to 400 feet away!


micro drone 2.0 with camera


The small design of the aircraft ensures the perfect combination of safety and strength that allows the durable, lightweight craft to maneuver, regardless of the wind. The algorithms used in the remote control allow you to perform flips at the touch of a button and the camera records a detailed video of your flight!


remote controlled drone with camera

For a limited time you can own the Micro Drone 2.0 with Camera on Amazon, last time we checked there were only two left in stock! Be the first one to amaze your friends with the fascinating flying video camera drone from the future.

Check to see if there are still a few in stock here: Remote Control Flying Quadricopter Micro Drone 2.0 with Video Camera Module- Black


The New Age Smartphone Photo Kit


smartphone photographer kit

smartphone camera lense kitThe world is evolving towards a single device for multiple tasks, which came to life with smartphone technology. Here, we are going to describe the new age smartphone photo kit.  This is a revolutionary product for a professional photographer on the go, which helps them to carry their profession in a pocket.

The Smartphone photo kit comes with a 5 different lenses in a covered pouch along with a cleaning cloth, a lens wallet and a tripod to hold. These new age smartphone photo kits have lenses to help you capture molecular to biological things, the giant towers of the world, which are well known. This is incredibly handy for most photographers. Included in the kit are:

  • 8x Telephoto lens – 8 times zoom in feature makes you feel to capture anything from anywhere.
  • 60x magnifying microscope lens (with special case) – 60x microscopic lens comes with a special case to help you in zooming more
  • A fisheye lens – gives you a blown out image when captured
  • A pair of micro and wide angle lens
  • A 2x telephoto lens
  • Mount and Stand

Also available in white

camera lens kit for iphone and samsung s5

The new age smartphone kit is compatible with all models of iPhone and the galaxy S5. This beautiful, capturing machine comes into your hand for only $36.99The price also includes free shipping, but there is a limit of 3 orders to an individual customer. Now it’s time to work on ordering, rather than reading. Check to see if there are still in stock here: Universal Smartphone Pro Cam Kit

The A3 Wallet: Keep Your Currency Protected & Versatile


aluminum wallet


The usual price for the A3 Wallet is $47, but for a limited time it is on sale for $29.99. Why even spend $30 for just another wallet?



First it’s not just another wallet, it’s the A3 Aluminum Plate Wallet that doesn’t add any bulk to your back pocket, and yet keeps all your cards and pictures protected. Its big enough for bills folded in half as well as your cards. This wallet created by Obstructures is made of three aluminum plates for the typical protection found in the industry as well as designed to be user friendly. The plates are held together by two rings that when combine with the notches at the top of the wallet allows you to open the wallet easily. Its secure when closed and snapping it open relieves the tension enough to pull out anything you might need. It can be pulled or pushed to open.


rfdi protected wallet


The plates are adjustable in that you can use it with the triangle piece out to get to cash and your cards you used more option, or as a divider inside to separate cards from cash or whatever cash you are using for a particular shopping trip. Or a plate can be removed. The triangle can also be used as a bottle opener.


best wallet for men


Its features include: a lightweight RFID protection, convenient operation, industrial o-rings that are long lasting, but easy to replace, a triple plate construction that can be put in many different orders depending on your needs, and the bottle opener for when you don’t know where one is in your kitchen drawers, but is in your wallet.

The A3 Wallet comes with two rectangular plates, four rubber o-rings, and one triangular plate. This product is great when you want protection for your cards and for your cash all in one place.

Check to see if the A3 is still in stock HERE



wireless headphones


TOCC’s Feather Buds are the perfect mix of comfort and high-quality sound. With a noise canceling outer shell, you will be able to isolate the sounds you want to hear, leaving background clatter out of your music. The gel covered ear buds are lightweight and tangle free, so you never feel like your ears are weighed down and you’re never left untangling wires. With a built in microphone and remote as well, you can answer phone calls while on the go, keeping your hands free!

wireless bluetooth headphones

The Bluetooth transmission is crystal clear and works at a range up to 30ft, so you can be working around the house or exercising, unencumbered by wires or a clunky device. It is hard to find a set of headphones that checks all boxes but the Feather Buds do just that, with all the features you are looking for. Check to see if they are still available HERE

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