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A glossy GettaGrip phone case is a protective case for your iPhone that features an elastic piece on the back for extra security while holding your phone. Now it’s time to hold your iPhone steady in any position without any worry. If you are the one who drops phone frequently, then GettaGrip protective case is probably the best suitable to you that will never fail to disappoint you. It has been provided with an elastic strap at the back where you can slip your few fingers in to get a good grip on your phone in your hand.

GettaGrip phone case – Be a pro-player!

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Whether you are flying, running or traveling, the GettaGrip case will be your best companion that will never fail to leave off your hands. Do you text in bed for long hours? Do you love taking selfies from different flattering angles? Now you won’t face any issue of crashing down your phone with the GettaGrip secure case. The elastic band at the back fits your fingers which allow you to take a strong grip of your phone. The benefits can be associated with countless examples to improve your life and discovering eminent challenges with a great grip of your phone.

Run, Jump and Swim with this badass GettaGrip protective case: Are you a social enthusiast, a person who cannot withstand the scratchy and broken screen and is tired of paying off for your broken screen over time because of frequent drops, then this GettaGrip is the best choice for you. It provides the embodiment of phone protection and drops preventive measure with extra grip and limitless possibilities.

What makes the GettaGrip phone case more exceptional and attractive is its interchangeable band, more protective and strong defensive layers and an advantage of 3X protection. Moreover, unlike the others, the GettaGrip provides a slim, sleek and ultimate protective grip of your phone for life on the go!

The GettaGrip is organized, efficient and serves an upper hand with mobile 3-card wallet solution. The phone case is designed sleek and slim with all the benefits that you need. Controlling your iPhone can be really challenging and daunting, but with the GettaGrip you can easily take on whatever daily rush of life throws at you without worrying about a costly drop.

Why you need GettaGrip phone case?



The phone has become a life companion in almost every aspect of your life. Whether you are in college, office or anywhere you can’t imagine a minute without your phone. Sometimes you are liable to make a call, share photos/videos/apps, etc in action with a great rush. This might lead you to drop your phone frequently with bringing unwanted damages.

The best part about the GettaGrip phone case is that it ensures that you use your phone flexible with action, with new ways to benefit time and humanity and find innovative, creative and exciting ways to use your phone. The phone case with high-quality material allows flexible access to all the buttons, ports and full-fledged control over your iPhone.


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The GettaGrip phone case is manufactured using a unique dual-shot moulding process, the designers and engineers were able to fuse a forgiving and soft inner layer of TPU with a rugged and protective outer layer of polycarbonate, resulting in an ultra-slim and hyper strong master phone case. Once you equip the GettaGrip phone case, you can take your phone anywhere, anytime without any afraid to drop it or lose it from your hands.

GettaGrip phone case: A game-change:

The GettaGrip phone case features a revolutionary phone case for your iPhone 7 / 7 Plus / 6 / 6 Plus integrating a protective polycarbonate end caps/ sheath case or a shield with an interchangeable P60 sports rubber band which provides ultimate protection from daily mishaps of your iPhone.



The GettaGrip phone case features a ultra-slim, strong and more secure design which provides exceptional mobility and utilization of your phone with great grip in your hands. The phone case is manufactured with MIL-SPEC rated dual-layer shock absorbing system to provide a more secure environment in case of mishaps and unintentional dropping. The cambered back channel of the phone case maximizes the efficiency access to the band for flexible and durable grip.

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