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french fries vending machine


We all have those childhood memories at our local McDonald’s or Wendy’s. Every meal came with that delicious little basket of those crisp, golden, french fries with our choice of sauce or ketchup. We savored every bite, and kept them away from our friends and family. There’s a certain charm and tastiness to those fries that just can’t be replicated. So we flock to fast food restaurants just to get our hands on some.

Luckily for the children in all of us, that is all about to change for the better.



Some brilliant minds of students and entrepreneurs at Wageningen University in the Netherlands have put their heads together and created a vending machine that sells french fries.

A vending machine that sells french fries, people!fries machine

Imagine the possibilities, it may make shopping with your wife worth it if they installed one of those next to every store. Not only does it do that, no it also serves the fries with condiments according to your choice. The machine works deep frying frozen cut potato strips, and serving them hot and ready within no more than two minutes.



Unfortunately, there is a bit of a downside. This vending machine from Heaven is only in the prototype stage, and resides solely at the university mentioned before.

However, the creators have a dream of making their product available in all corners of the world. How’s that for fast food?


As times and technology progress, people are finding new ways to automate and quicken the process of obtaining food. Fast food restaurants are having online orders, others are incorporating touchscreen controls. This vending machine is definitely a mighty leap in this direction. All those childhood desires may soon be right at your fingertips.

We are definitely getting one for the office.

Author: Eric Pangburn

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