7 Steps To A Feng Shui Ready Man Cave

feng shui man cave

How to Feng Shui a Man Cave


Want to impart some much-needed spirit of positivity and good vibes in your man-cave?

Feng shui has long been practiced by homeowners and interior decorators as a means to enhance the natural flow of positivity and good vibes in their homes, but there’s no reason why you can’t employ the same practices in your man-cave.


Here are some tips on how to make your man-cave more feng shui friendly.


Get rid of clutter


feng shui interior design


The first step toward proper feng shui is getting rid of everything that does not contribute to the positivity of your space. If there is something that you can’t stand or that gives you negative vibes, get rid of it! This will help you get started on instilling a more harmonious vibe in your man-cave.


Ensure good light and airflow


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Good light and good air are essential for ensuring “chi” or good feng shui energy. You can ensure proper lighting and good airflow by installing wide windows and keeping them open. You could also place a few plants around your man-cave to help purify the air, and even install an air-purifier for maximum effect. Opting for natural lighting and full-spectrum lights will also help ensure proper feng shui.


Figure out the feng shui energy map of your space



feng shui energy map dude living


Every space has its own distinctive “Bagua”, or feng shui energy map. Defining the Bagua will help you determine the areas of your man-cave specific to particular aspects of your life, such as your finances, physical health, or mental well-being. Once you have defined the Bagua of your man-cave, you will be better able to figure out how to implement proper feng shui to your benefit.


Instill the five basic feng shui elements


5 feng shui elements


There are five basic feng shui elements that you need to be aware of in order to instill an atmosphere of balance and positive energy in your man-cave. Focusing on specific elements will help you make perceptible improvements in the energy of your man-cave, which in turn will help you make positive changes in your life.


Determine your feng shui birth element


feng shui birth element chart


Everyone has his own feng shui birth element, which largely governs the most positive forces and energies in your life. If your birth element is fire for instance, introducing expressions of fire in your man-cave will help ensure more favorable feng shui. You should also be aware of how certain elements affect and interact with others for the most benefits.


Figure out your Kua number and lucky directions


kua number


Each one of us also has his own Kua number and lucky directions. Awareness of these feng shui factors will help you determine the most favorable positioning of furniture and decorative elements in your man-cave.


Always be aware of the energies in your space


feng shui living room

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Finally, always remain cognizant of the energies in your man-cave and how it affects and influences your well-being. Awareness of the feng shui “trinity” in particular will help you determine the most appropriate practices for ensuring health, and emotional and mental well-being.




Author: Eric Pangburn

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