Why Face and Body Scrubs Are The Best Thing Since Soap

body scrub for men


The Amazing Benefits of Using a Face and Body Scrub

There was a time not so long ago when the typical skin care routine for most men involved little more than a quick splash of water… soap optional. 

Most men just didn’t seem to give a lot of thought or put a lot of effort into their skin care, but that is no longer the case. The modern 21st century male knows fully well how important skin care is, particularly with regard to their hygiene. Women may already know about face and body scrubs but they might not know the best types or how to properly use them!

face and body scrub for men

Even if you already have some kind of body scrub skin care regimen, you may have yet to realize the full benefits of using a body scrub. While cleansing solutions and moisturizers may have become part of the typical male’s skin care routine, body scrubs remain relatively underutilized. There are actually a number of good reasons to add body scrubs to your skin care arsenal, and the improvement to your skin will be significant. Here are some of the most significant benefits of using a body scrub.


best body scrub for men


Body scrubs remove dirt and grime


A rough day at work or an intensive workout at the gym can really do a number on your skin, and your regular skin care routine won’t always provide the deep down cleansing you need. With its exfoliating ingredients, a good body scrub could be the perfect solution to up your face and body skin care game. Pack one in your gym bag and be prepared for any emergency skin care scenario.


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Body scrubs help treat problem areas 


Excessive sebum production and imbalanced PH are two of the main causes of skin blemishes, but a good facial scrub can work wonders in preventing problems before they flare up. Sebum–which is the oil produced naturally by the skin–can clog up your pores, and result in a host of unpleasant skin conditions.

Body scrubs can get deep down into the skin and control sebum accumulation, as well as clear out dirt and grime that has collected in the pores. Used regularly, depending on your own skin tolerance, a quality face and body scrub can reduce most problems associated with sebum buildup.


Body scrubs help enhance shaving razor for men


Shaving is about one of the most unpleasant aspects of personal grooming, but regular use of a face and body scrubs can make the task much more comfortable. High quality body scrubs help condition the skin, making it smoother, suppler, and ready for shaving. The oils in the scrubs will also condition and moisturize your skin. By removing dead skin cells and freeing up hairs, facial scrubs help ensure a smoother and more pleasant shave. For women that shave their legs, and men who shave their chest using a body scrub to exfoliate the area before you shave will help to soften the hair and open the pores for a smoother shave.


(Be sure not to use a salt body scrub after shaving as this may cause some burning sensation)


Body scrubs moisturize and reduce flaking 


good face scrub


Many men and women suffer from bouts of skin flaking from time to time. Although rarely a serious condition, flaky skin can be very uncomfortable and unsightly. Using a body scrub is a good way to exfoliate this dead skin, and it is a must for those who tend to have dry skin. Even if you already use a moisturizer for your flaky skin, adding a good body scrub to your skin care routine will provide even better results.


Body scrubs can rejuvenate skin 


As we age, our skin loses some of its natural ability to rejuvenate itself. This is worsened by factors like wearing make-up, sun exposure, or even sweating excessively. That can make the effects of aging become more apparent as time goes on, and you will need to implement some type of supplementary body skin care. Using a face and body scrub will help to stimulate the skin, making your skin suppler and cleaner while it could even smoothen out the fine wrinkles, especially if the scrubs contain skin-friendly oils. If your skin has begun to show signs of aging, a good face and body scrub may be what you need to restore some of its former condition and appearance. Depending on the oil formulations in the scrub, the oils can condition and moisturize your skin giving you that desired healthy glow.

Now that you know the benefits of using a body scrub, you might be inclined to use one as often as possible. Many will tell you that somebody scrubs can be quite harsh on the skin, and overuse can lead to other skin problems. At Scrub Junkies the sugar and salt body scrubs are gentle enough to be used daily, depending on your skin type and tolerance, as the oils in the scrubs make them more than just an exfoliating scrubs.

scrubjunkies body scrubThat is precisely why it’s important to find a quality body scrubs that are ideally suited to your skin. We prefer Scrub Junkies (http://www.scrubjunkies.com/) which has some excellent choices for face and body scrubs.

Whether you use them twice a week or twice a day, Scrub Junkies Body Scrubs are an excellent choice.

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Author: Eric Pangburn

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