Eco-Friendly Gear For The Modern Man

eco friendly fashion for men


Eco-Friendly Products for the Modern Man


Nowadays, it isn’t enough for guys to merely be fashionable and elegant. Today’s modern man needs to be closely attuned to the world around him, and a significant aspect of that involves a conscious effort to live a more eco-friendly existence.



Adopting a more environmentally conscious lifestyle isn’t all that difficult, and a number of companies have in fact made it remarkably simple matter to do so. With a host of innovative, high quality, and downright cool eco-friendly guy stuff, a growing number of merchants now make it a no-brainer for guys to be cool and stylish while doing their part in helping out the environment. Here’s a sampling of some of the coolest eco-friendly guy stuff out there.


eco friendly grocery bag


Gorilla Sacks Vinyl Bags

From Atlanta-based Gorilla Sacks comes an innovative item that puts discarded vinyl billboards to good use. It’s a uniquely stylish vinyl bag that features a photograph of the original billboard where the material is taken from! Waterproof and built to last, these bags are a great way to show off your personal quirky style, and you prevent one more vinyl billboard from ending up in the landfill in the process.




fire hose belt

Gallo En Fuego Fire Hose Belt

More than just a fashion piece, the Gallo En Fuego Fire Hose Belt actually represents a tribute to the courage and dedication of fire-fighting professionals. Based on the concept of Lori Holliday–who is herself married to a fireman–each belt is a one-of-a-kind piece that made from genuine fire hoses used in service. Extremely rugged and durable, these belts give honor to our brave fire-fighting men and women across the country.





eco men's wallet

Corker Eco Men’s Wallet


Recycling tires for garments and accessories isn’t exactly a new concept. But Corkor takes things a bit further into the realm of the stylish and comfortable with this line of wallets made from cork. Softer and more pliant than the usual tire-derived accessory, each item is handcrafted and totally unique.



recycled clothing worn again hoody



Worn Again Red Hot Air Hoody

Say what you will about the Virgin group of companies and its colorful founder Richard Branson, but he and his various companies do seem to be making a conscious eff

ort toward eco-friendliness. Working in conjunction with Worn Again, Virgin has produced a line of quality hoodies made from the company’s discarded hot air balloons. Who knows? One of these might have come from a balloon flown by Sir Richard himself!









eco friendly laptop bagRecycled Suit Men’s Bag


Outdated Suits are ideally suited to the eco-friendly products, and there is no better accessory for it than the Finnigan Messenger Bag. Made entirely of recycled mens suits, this is one messenger bag that can definitely stand up to the rigors of the road. This innovative accessory is generously equipped with a number of pockets, and it perfectly suited as a laptop bag. We love the fact that everything even the leather straps are recycled.



recycled clothing from coffee



Virus Sports Wear – Heat Trap With Recycled Coffee

Here’s something that no one else has thought of: fabric from recycled coffee grounds! From the innovative Moving Comfort team comes a line of men’s activewear that features S. Cafe fabric, which is made by extracting phenol, ester and oil from coffee grounds and making them into yarn. Apart from being odor and UV ray resistant, S. Cafe also dries much more quickly than most other fabrics.





eco friendly bikesRecycle Bikes

Recycled messenger bags are definitely a good idea, but why not go all the way and invest in a recycled bike? Crafted from recycled aluminum, these innovative bikes feature cork seats and belt-driven mechanisms that require much less maintenance than standard bike chains. The Portland-based company responsible for these bikes intends to make a model made solely from recycled materials in the future.


eco radio


Cardboard FM Radio

Cardboard Radio

Here’s another unique idea: a recycled cardboard radio! More than just a novelty, this innovative radio is actually a pretty handy and useful device that serves as both a radio and a portable speaker for your media player. Powered by four AAA batteries (use rechargeables!), this is one radio that won’t end up in the dumpster!




eco friendly phoe apps


Making to footwear app by Nike

Making To

From Nike comes this useful app that helps you choose products that utilize green materials and manufacturing processes. It’s called Making to, and it is equally suited to shoppers and clothing designers. With this unique and innovative app, you can learn about the environmental impacts of various manufacturing materials. This helps you make a more informed decision about which products to use or purchase.




If you have some eco-friendly items to recommend pleaes shoot us an email or post in the comments below.

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Author: Eric Pangburn

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