Dudeliving On The Comfort Of Living

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We are sharing #TheIndisposables in our life as part of a Schick® Xtreme3® sponsored series for Socialstars.

A lot of men are conditioned not to expect comfort.

After all, we are the providers, the hunters, and the hardy pioneers, and comfort is not only an unnecessary luxury–it can actually be a hindrance in many situations.

And yet, comfort is something that we all inherently seek.

Whether to take us back to our childhoods or simply to provide some respite from a harsh and uncaring world, we do get our share of comfort from time to time.

Interestingly enough, comfort can take on many forms, and they differ for all men. Some men take comfort in a warm meal or a cold drink. Others get their fix from a comfortable chair or a full-blown home entertainment center. And then there are man-caves, which are probably the most comfortable–and most comforting–places any man can hope for in his home.

You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money in order to achieve comfort. In fact, you probably already own a lot of items that give varying degrees of comfort: a good pair of pants, a warm blanket, a favorite book…you get the picture. Even a worn-out old sofa could be all the comfort you will ever need, even if it is a lumpy disaster that most people wouldn’t even dare sit on. The point is that comfort is a very personal thing, and we all have different takes on it.


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If all this has you yearning for that indefinable, indescribable thing that will give you the comfort you are looking for, the Schick® “Comfortopia” Sweepstakes is as good a place to start as any.

The company behind some of the closest, smoothest, and most comfortable shaving solutions in the business–such as the Schick® Xtreme3® –Schick® has launched a spectacular promo that gives you the opportunity to win all the indispensable comfort items that you could possibly desire. From comfort clothes and furnishings to HDTVs and full-blown entertainment packages and more, the Schick® Sweepstakes could be just you ticket to another extended run of comfortable living.

How can you enter the spectacular Schick® Sweepstakes? It is remarkably easy, and anyone can join. Here’s how:

First, watch the provided video. Next, answer the following two questions: “are you 18 and older?” and “do you agree to the terms and conditions for site use and participation in the Sweepstakes?” Answering these two questions in the affirmative merits you an automatic signup to into the contest, with no purchase required.

The Schick® Sweepstakes is one of the most impressive giveaways of its kind.

All told, the amount of indispensable comfort items to be given away amounts to more than $5,000. Depending on your particular goals, that could keep you in comfort for a very long time.

Going with the idea that your razor is disposable but your comfort is not, getting your hands on a few choice comfort items is great way to go. With any luck, you may just have a lot more comfort items than you could handle! Find out more details about the Schick® Xtreme3®’s “Comfortopia” Sweepstakes over at www.comfortsofman.com


PS: Our in disposable comforts we chose is a Schick® Xtreme3® razor, coffee cup, and a Samsung smart HDTV.

Author: Eric Pangburn

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