Ten Reasons Why You Should be Prone to Get a Drone

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Ten Reasons why we bought a drone

Drones have slowly taken over the technology world by storm. Their versatility allows them to be used by regular people like you and me, business owners, real estate agents, people in the military, and so much more. This is an impressive feat that not even the fabled RC car can live up to. Now, there are a lot of naysayers out there who drive most people away from getting a drone, and they sometimes have valid points (as with most arguments.) But drones are amazing tech that will eventually become the future of our society, and here are ten reasons why you should be buying one.


Drones offer a new angle of view


view from a drone


This may sound a bit futile. Getting a drone merely to take a better selfie doesn’t seem like a smart investment does it? However, it goes far beyond that. I was recently at a large concert. The band was up on stage and the camera men had a difficult time getting a good shot of them. All of a sudden, there was a tiny whirr as a drone flew to the center of the stage, filming the entire band from up above. It was smart, effective, and it gave a nice breeze to those of us below it. Just imagine how photographers could use a drone like that.


Farming is easier with piloted Drones


drone used for farming


It’s no secret all of the hard work that goes into planting crops and preparing for the harvest. Because of this, many farmers invested in a drone. They are the biggest reason that drones are purchased by civilians, and for good reason. They spray crops quickly, and easily. The best part is that you don’t have to even have to take a step.


Car Mounted Drones are parking lot experts




You know how when you go to a grocery store and every row seems to packed to the brim with every vehicle imaginable? You drive through column after column just to find a decent place to park that’s close enough that you don’t feel like you’re running a marathon just to get into Wal-mart. Recently, a car crafted by Renault comes with a mounted drone that can be dispatched to spot a parking spot from the skies, thus cutting your parking time exponentially! That would certainly be helpful at the State Fair, now wouldn’t it?


We will no longer need to climb anything


cheap drone


So much research is conducted from high places. People climb trees to see that cool bug that was on the branch. Somebody wants to see the eagle’s nest that is at a dangerously high level. On top of that, so many times have we all lost a frisbee or ball on the roof of the house. The drone allow us to perform proper research at a safe distance, and get that pesky soccer ball that someone kicked into the gutter.


Remote Controlled Drones are highly customizable


remote controlled drone


The versatility of drones doesn’t end with functionality. It continues with design. Drones are highly customizable and can have LED lights, a keychain camera, and much more added onto them to satisfy all of your cosmetic needs.


Speaking of customizable, they can resemble animals even insects



Some drones were even created to specifically look and behave like real life animals. They can fly like bats, move like spiders, and swim like fish. How fun would it be to have your own animal-like robot that works for real?


Scouting Drones make your hunting trip easier


scouting drone for hunting wildlife


A lot of us like to hunt. There’s nothing quite like slinging a rifle over your shoulder, decking yourself out in camo, and waiting for that moment to snag your prize. On the walk however, many unexpected complications may arise. The ground may be too wet, there may be no wildlife, or it may just be a plan bad day to go out. With a drone, it becomes possible to instantly know whether it is truly worth the trip or not.


Rescue Drones are especially helpful in catastrophes


drones delivering aid


Every corner of the world is affected by disaster at some point. Tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes all plague millions of people each year. The aftermath of those situations can leave some trapped, and even leave an area inaccessible by humans. That’s where the drone comes in. They could fly into places that we couldn’t, pinpoint any survivors there, and increase response times from emergency squads.


It’s so easy, a kid could pilot a drone


drones for kids


Kids love to play with stuff. No matter what it is you’re doing, if there’s a kid in the room, you better be prepared for them to ask to do it with you. So once you buy your new drone, your kid (or future kid) will definitely want to take it for a spin. Luckily for the safety of your toy and child, drones are easy enough to control that kids can use them. Not only that, but they can also be used as a teaching tool for young minds as they develop motor skills and technological interests. Even if you have children, keeping care of a drone shouldn’t be a problem.


Drones are the future


drone future


I already mentioned how drones do much more than just fly. As technology grows, so will our understanding of how drones work. They have already been delivering pizza, so who’s to say they couldn’t one day carry an entire wedding cake? Not only that, but the technology used for drones is also used in what are called self-driving automobiles, or cars you don’t have to drive. It’s no doubt that drones will one day be part of our everyday routine. What are you waiting for, then? Go get your drone already!


Author: Eric Pangburn

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