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Sometimes it Takes a Reminder: “Be a Great Father to Your Kids”

Toyota’s new Camry ad campaign isn’t all about fathers, but it is about the complex relationship between dads and their kids. Everybody has a father – not all of them great examples. But that’s not the point. Whoever or whatever you dad was, there is always an opportunity to be the absolute best to your own children, whatever you grew up with yourself. In moving fashion, Toyota brings us stories of exceptional fathers and exceptional children.

Amy Purdy’s story is briefly outlined. A snowboarder, dancer, and model, Amy lost both of her legs and her kidneys in tragic circumstances. Events like these would be a lot more than a setback to almost anyone, but Amy’s life appears not to have been halted in the least. She still runs, snowboards, dances, and appears in spreads all around the world. Her father recalls the heartbreak of seeing his little girl lose her legs, and the exultant triumph of seeing her rise and achieve on the same scale she did before.

Toyota also got the stories of a bunch of NFL football greats, about their relationships with their fathers. These dads are diverse. You’ve got fathers who were always affectionate and supportive, emotionally distant men, and even very negative examples. It is here that we are reminded that, for some, being a great father can be innate, but for others it can (and must) be learned. Like Amy, one legend’s father was a double amputee, but the athlete recalls seeing his father climb ladders to do household chores. Now in his adult life, he remembers his dad’s determination, despite his disability. This determination was a constant source of inspiration for him on the field.

Like these individuals, we all have fathers. But with all the dads in the world, we all won’t have had great relationships with amazing fathers. Whoever your dad is or was, take time to be a great father to your own children, with love, attention, and consistency.


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