5 Of The Coolest Forms Of Personal Transportation



Coolest personal modes of transportation in existence today


With the rapid advances in technology every year, it is hardly surprising that the transport industry has been awash with scores of new and advanced types of personal transportation devices. Some of the most impressive examples are purely original in design, having been created by talented individuals with very fertile imaginations. However, there are also models that draw heavily on science fiction vehicles for inspiration. Here are five of the coolest personal modes of transportation in existence today.


  1. Tron Lightcycle



The Tron Lightcycle is undoubtedly one of the coolest looking examples of personal transportation out on the market today. Inspired by the Lightcycle vehicle from the movie Tron: Legacy, the vehicle is powered by a 96 volt electric motor and a lithium ion battery system. According to manufacturer Parker Brothers,  (check them out, cool dudes) it has a top speed of 100mph and gets around 100 miles on a single charge. Due to its design, you have to lie in a flat position to ride the Lightcycle, almost giving you a sports bike experience. The Tron is priced quite steeply as you might expect, clocking in at a whopping $55,000.


  1. Jetpack



The jetpack is one of those transport concepts that we just simply can’t let go of. Hailing from the earliest examples of science fiction, jetpacks continue to enjoy widespread popularity today, in concept as well as execution. Jetpacks are typically worn on the back, and they propel the user through the air via jets of escaping gases. JetLev is one of the most successful modern purveyors of this mode of transport, with a customer supposedly using one of the company’s units to get to work–a 40 mile commute by air. With prices ranging from $100,000-$150,000 however, it seems that the rest of us will have to continue using less exciting means of getting to and from work, like the subway.


  1. Powered Skateboard



Boosted Dual+ 2000W Electric Skateboard | Amazon $1550


If the prices of jetpacks leave you feeling less than elevated, it might be worth considering a Boosted instead. A novel take on the skateboard of olden times, this electric skateboard combines many of the concepts and movements of surfing, wakeboarding, and snowboarding. With powerful brakes and a wireless control, Boosted offers plenty of versatility. The single $999 version has a top speed of 18 to 22 mph, and can go 8 miles on a full charge. The company also more powerful versions with correspondingly higher price tags.


  1. Street legal Formula 1 Car



The Furore offers a way to finally make your dreams of driving a high-performance race car come true! A road-ready replica twin-seater racing car, the Furore comes in a kit form for easy assembly, with a price of $10,000. If you would rather have one ready-made, you could get a factory assembled model for $19,000. Options include a Toyota 1.6 Twin Cam 4AGE engine or bike engine with a 6 speed sequential gearbox. The Toyota engine offers superior performance obviously, with speeds from 120 to 130 mph possible.


  1. Poweriser


Poweriser Jumping Stilt | Amazon $349


Can’t afford any of the previously mentioned models? The $187 Poweriser may be just the thing for you! Not quite the sporty roadster that you may have wished for, the Poweriser nevertheless offers lots of fun with its spring-loaded stilt system that acts as bionic extension of your legs. Giving you the ability to run at unbelievable speeds and leap over small objects with ease, the Poweriser has a fun appeal that is simply hard to beat.



Author: Eric Pangburn

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