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Dude Living at it’s Finest – 16 Man Friendly Rooms  (Part 1)


When it’s only the beginning of the month and the weekend is so far away, it is no surprise that you need some rest and relaxation. That’s why these amazing and fairytale-like rooms will give you massive house envy- you won’t be able to stop thinking about them! Take these rooms as inspiration for your own room revamp, or use them to build your own dream. Just be warned: This post will cause some major jealousy!


Inside Out


room design ideas view view


The Best Of Both Worlds


Imagine being all comfy and wrapped up inside but being able to look up and see the outdoors is one of the most relaxing things to do! It’s also immaculately designed and has the best neutral light to give you the relaxing room for all your dude living needs.


Movie Night Is The Best Night


home theater


Pass The Popcorn!


This amazing movie room is definitely one for the awards. Big, comfy seating? Check. Bigger screen? Check. Room to cuddle? Double check! Imagine seeing your favorite movies up top in this great room, or unwinding with your favorite shows. This is what we call a bonding experience!


Ocean Views


man friendly interior design ideas


Nature’s Painting.


Why close off all your natural light if you could just let it in? This amazing room design incorporates a pool side door to open up and let some air in. We wouldn’t mind waking up with our laptop and having our coffee with this to look at!


Pump Up The Jam


perfect bachelor pad or man cave


Who Needs Headphones When You Have This?


There is no place better to make music than a room perfectly set up for it. The entire room is insulated with wooden rods and creates an interesting but distraction-free environment to work in. A musician’s dream!


A Modern Classic


las vegas bachelor man cave


Such An Elegant Evening


This is the home of that power couple that everyone wants to be. You can definitely see how much you could enjoy a glass of wine here while you listen to some Chopin. Now that is a life we can get behind!


Mountain Lodge Bar


man cave furniture


Bar, Fireplace, Dead Animals… What more could you want


Now this is living in style! This fancy living room is perfect for those who love a bit of the old world charm with order. The hunting lodge wall stops this from feeling like a upscale room and makes it a feel a bit more homely, great for an evening at home with a few or you best friends.


The Ultimate Waterbed


sleeping with fish bedroom ideas


Sleepwalkers Beware!


Perfect if you love watching fish for hours or simply if you enjoy the feel of the ocean before you start your day.

Log Cabins Updated


western style man cave

Forget Spartan Outdoor Living!


Now whenever someone suggests that you should go camping, you can feel some hope that it might look like this! This modern log cabin has all the amenities you want without having that sleeping-bag-on-the-musty-floor feel.


Beautiful Night Sky


room with sky view


An amazing night sky like this deserves to be seen. This stunning outdoor deck is perfect for that beach feel all year around. This is a place you can toast a cocktail to!


The Game Is On


video game room


Finally A Worthy Opponent!


Game room? You haven’t seen anything yet! Imagine this during sleepovers, with all your friends piled into the pit and playing some intense matches together. You will be revered for years to come!


A Spartan Dinner


ultimate tv room


The Perfect Conversation Starter


What better way to get your friends or children off their phones than to make a distraction-free dining room? This room is so pretty and functional at the same time, and already becomes a talking point as soon as people walk in.


3 Words: Built In Couch


built in couch man cave


The Ultimate In Relaxation


If you and your partner have different hobbies, this room is ideal for keeping the peace. Not only can you read while your partner watches their favorite show, you can also compromise and have enough room to cuddle on movie night.


Day Dreaming Nook


office man cave setup


Made For The Introvert


These little nooks are made for those of us who live on the internet (that includes you!) and those who just can’t leave work behind. Even better as a place to study, this nook is guaranteed to give you the calm focus you need.


Theater Deluxe


man cave movie room


Kick Back With Some Popcorn


This home theater is the vital goal for any family of four, and depending on how often you argue about leg space this could create a lot more sibling love. It even has a wine rack on the side for parents!


Book Heaven

home library


Where Reading Fans Hope To Go When They Die


In what might be the best room on this list, this open plan living area includes a kitchen, a dining space and a small library so their best friends are at hand. This is one room that you will definitely spend all your time in!


The Get Up And Go Room


shower bedroom


Made For The Over Sleeper


Never be late again with this amazing room layout! You can simply roll out of bed and into the shower, scrub up and then walk around to get dressed all in the blink of an eye. Not bad if you’re careful of slipping!

Part 2 of The Best Room Designs for Dude Living is already in the works.



Author: Eric Pangburn

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