Cool Gifts For Guys – 12 Gift Ideas that any guy will appreciate

cool gifts for guys


Good Gifts for Guys – A nonsense, cool and practical sopping guide

what do we get that perfect guy?

There are an abundance of quality gifts available, but why not go for something a little more unique, or unusual. Make the special man in your life feel special, but not just grabbing a random stuffed animal or some generic cologne.

Here are 16 Gift ideas that will make any man feel loved:



bed fan

Bed Fan $99.99 – MORE INFO HERE


Both men and women can be hot blooded, and if overheating during the night is an issue, the Bed Fan is the answer. This useful gift will provide better air circulation while resting and keep things cool, even when it gets hot under the sheets.  Hot air is recirculated and released in a cooler blast for around $99.99.


boise noise canceling headphones


QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Headphones $299 – MORE INFO HERE


Noise can be a big distraction and an irritant when trying to listen to music, television or a pod cast, but the QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Headphones makes silence golden for only $271.62. For Valentine’s Day, consider giving your guy some peace and quiet with these beneficial headphones.


atari flashback 5

Atari Flashback $53.51  – MORE INFO HERE


Take a leap into the past with this plug and play Atari system and play some old school games with your guy. This retro system is conveniently preloaded with a bunch of the original Atari games. For just $49.25, you have entertainment right out of the box with tons of retro fun.


tie society


Tie Society Membership – $10.95 ~ $49.95 (monthly) – MORE INFO HERE

Everybody loves a sharp dressed man, especially their lady friends. Prices vary when joining the Tie Society Membership, but the ties are original, well made and give your guys a rave sense of style. Just picking up a tie in the average department store is boring… but the Tie Society makes getting a tie more exciting.


brewing kitMr. Beer Brewing Kit $38.70 – MORE INFO HERE


Beer can be man’s best friend, right next to the dog. For the beer lover, consider the Mr. Beer brewing kit. This system can produce some of the most delectable brews available in the comfort of home. For just $46.55, give that guy the gift that keeps on giving, every time he makes a new batch.


tripod flashlight


Tripod Flashlight $20.98 – MORE INFO HERE


A working man needs a good flashlight, and it doesn’t get much better then the Tripod Flashlight for $32.95. This allows that special guy to light up the workspace, studio, garage, or where ever a handly, dandy tripod flashlight can go. The unique design features bendable legs that can stand, or wrap around objects to shed a little extra light on the subject.

around the world beer basket

Around The World Beer Bucket $120 – MORE INFO HERE

If the love interest has a fondness for beer, another unique gift for $120 is the Around the World Beer Bucket. This will be the most reasonably priced vacation he will ever take, which offers such a wide variety. Every country has a favored brew, and the man in your life will appreciate getting to experience quite a few with no passport necessary. There are even some ethnic snacks to accompany the brews.


pizza cone


Pizza Cone Maker $16.66 – MORE INOF HERE


Pizza is one of those feel good foods that can literally bring people together and Pizza Cone Maker gives this age old favorite a new twist. Imagine providing your love with a pizza that can be easily eating while in a car, or on the couch. This all original kit makes the crust into a neat cone.  All the delight of a pizza pie rolled up like a sugar cone for $16.66.


all edge brownie pan


All Edges Brownie Pan $9.99 – MORE INFO HERE


They say the way to a man’s heart is via the stomach… and the All Edges Brownie Pan is sure to win that heart. That lightly crisped outer crust is often times everyone’s favorite part of the brownie. Now, every brownie in the pan can have that wonderful crunch for $9.95.


beef jerkey pack

Hot and Spicy Beef Jerky Gift Cooler $54.99 – MORE INFO HERE


Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to heat things up with our masculine love interest. One sure fire way to do that is with the Hot and Spicy Beef Jerky Gift Cooler.  Once again, good food may find his heart as quickly as his stomach. This great guy gift offers a variety of spicy jerky with different levels of spice. Since it comes in a cooler at $54.99, it can be restocked and reused over and over. his spicy beef jerky package that includes several types of beef jerky in different spicy flavors.



hud display navigation system


Windshield Projected GPS $79.99 – MORE INFO HERE


Help keep that love interest safe with a Windshield Projected GPS. No more trying to see that cell phone screen or look at a gps device, as it appears on the windshield, but just over so view is not obstructed. This way he can keep his eyes on the road and still get where he needs to be. Prices vary for this potentially lifesaving gift, but you cannot put a price on love.


superman apron


Superman Apron $15 – MORE INFO HERE


Some men are super in the kitchen, so why not get them a Superman apron, just to let him know. Rather he is a “man of steel” muscles, or pots and pans, for $14.99 this makes a considerate and beneficial gift. Other super heroes may be available at various locations.


Step away from the normal when shopping, get him something thatch useful. Many of these gifts actually keep on giving, creating positive memories. Any of these gift ideas will ensure that it’s not something that will be thrown back into the closet or garage never to be seen again.


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Author: Eric Pangburn

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