Concrete and Steel are Making a Comeback in Interior Design

Interior Design Ideas: Using Concrete and Steel

Concrete and steel began gracing the architecture world since as early as 1853. It was so wildly conventional that it is still even used today for building framework and foundations! But as times became more modern, these materials stopped being used in interior design. People preferred mahogany, glass, even giant legos over the drab-looking concrete.

It seemed as its time had run out. Until today.

Using Concrete in Interior Design


concrete used in interior design


However architects and designers from around the world have turned concrete and steel into interior design masterpieces.  This room is sleek, up to date, and contemporary at every corner. It’s greatest feat though, is looking hip, but making full use of concrete and steel in the interior makeup.


concrete interior design


Perfectly blending the old with the new, you would never be able to tell that it was made from “outdated” materials. The concrete actually adds to its beauty, giving a sense of wonder, because it is unlike any standard home you’d set foot in today.


concrete interior design ideas


The building is absolutely beautiful. Gorgeous archways elegantly sit at the house’s entrance, reminiscent of the Mediterranean, which we all know is a breathtaking place (if you haven’t seen it, Google it as soon as possible. You won’t regret it).  

concrete used in kitchen designThe concrete was also used for the kitchen (sinks and counter-tops), most of the walls, the bathtub (finally something truly slip-proof, am I right?), and the fireplace.


Using Steel in Interior Design

Steel, in a black finish that even Batman would operate in, makes up the doors, windowsills, and the stairs.

Throughout the building’s construction, there a few renovations to further improve its appeal. The majority of the rooms were redesigned to catch more sunlight, so that the house would appear brighter and livelier.steel stairs

house pool

The real prize winner goes to the two-story concrete wall at the lower level of the house. At the wall’s base sits a serene cascade (which is inside the home, mind you) that flows into an ephemeral outdoor pool that makes one feel devoured in the beauty of nature.

All this and more with using concrete and steel? Sign me up!

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Author: Eric Pangburn

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