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Mini Safe Wallet – The Portable Safe Wallet Hits The Market


No matter how many changes there have been in the area of men’s personal and fashion accessories, the wallet remains the one constant feature. Even as watches–another quintessential part of the traditional men’s wardrobe–have largely fallen out of favor, wallets continue to be a useful and important addition to any ensemble.


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The main purpose of a wallet is to carry various items around–cash, IDs, photos, and the like–and to some extent, keep these items protected. But when you think about it, the means by which wallets are supposed to protect your valuable items isn’t exactly rock-solid. While wallets do protect the contents against wear and tear or the hazards caused by exposure to the elements, it does little to protect against the more insidious threat of data theft. In fact, it may be said that the typical wallet offers no protection at all from unauthorized access of valuable data and information.


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A lost wallet can mean more than just lost cash and minor inconvenience. Because most people use their wallets for carrying around credit cards, IDs, and various other important documents as well, the consequences of losing a wallet can be devastating. For a hacker, digital burglar, or scam artist, finding a wallet with credit cards, IDs, ATM cards, employment access cards all in one place is practically a winning lottery ticket.


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This is where the Code Wallet comes in. A unique and innovative take on the traditional men’s wallet, the aptly named Code Wallet begins where others leave off. It is actually the first code protected wallet on the market, providing superior protection for your cash as well as your privacy.


Portable Safe Wallet – How the Code Wallet works



The Code Wallet features a 3-digit locking code, which is the first stage of protection. The lock allows for 1,000 number combinations, and opens quickly and easily when unlocked by the correct combination. Change a single digit of the combination while the latch is set, and the lock is automatically activated. Change the two other digits as well, and the contents are totally locked down.


The Code Wallet offers another layer of security with the RFID blocking technology, which protects bank, ID, and other cards from electronic attempts to harvest stored data. This is integral feature of the wallet, and it ensures the total protection of digital data in a way that few other wallets can. The RFID/NFC blocking system also protects cards against demagnetization.


Secure Wallet – Features and characteristics


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Even without all the security features, the Code Wallet would make for a great addition to any men’s wardrobe. The interior is large enough to accommodate up to 12 cards, along with a good amount of cash and receipts. The wallet has clearly been designed for maximum efficiency and convenience, with one-handed operation possible for opening each card section.


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This is also one of the most durable wallets on the market, with the lock and code mechanism featuring metal zinc alloy construction. The injected polycarbonate core reinforced exterior is coupled with a laminated aluminum shield, adding to the ruggedness of the unit.


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Even with these features, the wallet’s overall weight is surprisingly quite manageable. It weighs in at only 125 g, with a slim design that reduces bulk without compromising storage capacity.


Available Wallet Options

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The Code Wallet also comes with a couple of options: the tracker attachment and the laser engraving option. The tracker attachment is a particularly useful add-on to the wallet, allowing the user to track the wallet wherever it may be. Utilizing Bluetooth technology, the wallet’s tracking app indicates the distance between the user and the wallet to a remarkably accurate degree. The tracking device is designed to be attached to the exterior of the wallet. This enables better reception across the range of nearby Bluetooth devices.


laser engraving wallets


Those who purchase a Code Wallet may also go for the laser engraved customization option, which labels the wallet with the owner’s name, physical or email address, cellphone number, or other personal information. There is 30-character limit, which should be sufficient for most identification purposes.



The Code Wallet neatly addresses the need for a totally safe and secure wallet given the real and constant threat of unauthorized data access today. As data theft becomes more and more rampant, it is good to know that the Code Wallet offers a solid layer of protection–make that two–that we can truly rely on.


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