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Credit Card Clip Wallet: That All-too-Important Secure Wallet


Gone are the days when the traditional market is the best choice for everyone especially if they carry more cards that they do carry a massive amount of cash in their back pockets. With cashless transactions becoming even more popular among members of the society around the globe, the reliance on financial cards becomes more of a necessity than a sense of luxury as it was some 15 years ago.

This is why it is important for many who use debit and credit cards as their basic financial source of trust and operation to find one useful material that could assure the security of these all-too-important cards.

This is where the carbon fiber credit card clip wallet by Ogon Design comes to the rescue. Not many wallets allow several cards carefully placed within one place without the possibility of scratching one against the others. Nevertheless, there is one that gives such an option. We are not strangers to Ogon Designs here at dude living, having reviewed the code safe wallet previously.



The Carbon Fiber Credit Card Clip wallet by Ogon Design wallet features four primary characteristics that define its difference among other wallets that promises card protection features.

1: Ergonomic Wallet Design

Small in size, which fit seven cards all at the same time, is sure to be ergonomically fitting to practical users. This feature avoids the instance by which the wallet becomes bulky that it becomes hard to store at the back pocket. It could be observed how traditional wallets make it hard for some to sit properly because of its bulkiness; the credit card clip wallet ensures that the user would have a better option of sitting perfectly without the supposed consequence of having a bulky wallet.

2: Wallet Style and Functionality in One


credit card clip carbon


Made up of carbon fiber and reinforced polymer or CRFP, the credit card clip wallet is easy on the eyes with a luxurious feel, but is light on its weight. The carbon fiber makes it tough but the color and the surface pattern used to define it is enough to create a luxurious design as its face.

3: Light Weight Heavy Protection Features


scratch proof credit card wallet


The protection that your cards would get is superb enough for you to not worry as you carry them around as you walk in your back pocket or in your bag. The plastic designed to carry the cards separately makes it easier for you consider the assurance that wallet gives especially in avoiding scratches on the card which is an essential part of the protection it provides.

4: RFID Security Blocking System


rfdi protection credit card clip


The new way of stealing cards that have become a commonplace in the market now is that of the RFID Security recognition. There is a gadget that exists to identify RFIDs and find a better way to steal them. The Credit card clip avoids this detection through a blocking system that is embedded within its surface.

The new credit card clip wallet is sure a great investment for everyone who needs to protect their cards from scratches and theft altogether. The wallet itself might be a little bit pricey, however, it could be noted that the option of protection it gives is all worth such amount. This system of protection gives you a better sense of focus especially on matters that are more important than actually worrying about the cards in your back pocket or the one stored in your bag. Distinctively, this luxury option of innovative development in the field of wallet creation is able to create a more effective form RFID protection that secures your most important possessions that you have to carry around more freely.


carbon fiber wallet


The sturdy makeup of the wallet makes it strong enough especially to last for many years from the date of purchase. The style in itself does not fade and fits every fashion statement and every sort of personality and gender. Not only would you be carrying around a highly protected wallet that is worth the value it provides your cards.

With the credit card clip, you do not have to worry about your cards anymore. The attention you give to these possessions could now be placed upon more important things in your daily activities.

Worry less about your carry on money and cards; head over to and Ogon Design and go about your day more freely.


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