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Sweat Pants that look like Dress Pants – Why did we not find out sooner?

Getting dressed up and being comfortable, in the past, have often been two very different things. Though women seem to be the most widely publicized in the realm of comfort issues, men too, often suffer discomfort when dressing for success. Dressing up from the masculine perspective tends to weigh heavily on button down shirts and button up trousers, not to mention the dreaded tie. To make matters worse, where as they do make comfortable dresses for the ladies, up till recently, we gentlemen were out of luck. That appears to have changed with the introduction of Betabrand dress pant sweatpants.

Realistically, most of us, fellows, would be perfectly content to lounge around the office, living room, or even the country club, in a pair of baggy, faded sweats. We’d likely pair it with a cool custom T Shirt, just to appear shabby chic’, for the ladies, or to appease the wife. However, the women folk, nor the office or country club would likely be appeased at such an attempt at tom foolery.

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We no longer have to risk our good name, nor our lives at even considering that possibility now that the dress version of sweats has become available. Seriously, these really look just like a stylish pair of dress pants we’d pick up with a matching jacket, though the coat is not included. Still, without an extremely close observation, paired with copping a feel, one literally cannot tell the difference between a pair of nice dress slacks, and these wondrous pants.

We cannot put a price on comfort that includes style, so at around $100 a pair, these stylish slacks are a steal. They look good, feel great and are one of the few things one can purchase that are actually the product being marketed… dress pant sweatpants.

The pants have the traditional look of woolen trousers, but they were actually created from a French terry cloth type fabric equaling 55% cotton, 32% poly, 13% acrylic terry. Currently these fabulous additions to any closet are available in Black, Gray, Gray Static, Pinstripe and Birdseye.  The classic look combined with the marvelous material makes for a new pair of favorites, that we can wear anywhere, and look good. Dress sweats have belt loops, a button inside the waist, and are virtually not recognizable as sweatpants. Not to mention, unlike the standard dress pants, this comfy wearable is cozy warm, which makes them fantastic for fall and winter wear. Even the famed Stephen Colbert owns a pair of Betabrand pants.


sweat pants that look like dress pantsThe unique Betabrand dress pant sweatpants have been in existence since 2010, and were initially a crowdfunding project. Every design these unique fashion entrepreneurs release, starts as a crowdfund in the Think Tank of projects. Once in the realm of story board sketching and customer feedback, prototypes are born, growing to availability in around one trimester.

These comfortable, replacements for standard dress pants are an honest hit when it comes to successful designs. Soon after their introduction that fall, a lighter weight version was released for spring and summer. These are sophisticated in shades of Brown, Navy and Gray. We can lounge in a perfectly, relaxed fit, unbeknownst to the rest of the staff, ALL year round now. It just doesn’t get any better than Betabrand dress pant sweatpants when it comes to comfort, style and state of the art design.


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