Best Ways To Bring Your Beer On The Road

One of life’s finest avenues to euphoria is through experiencing nature. Whether it’s hiking, climbing or taking one of the finest bike paths your state has to offer, there are no shortage of adventures to be had in the great outdoors. When you finally reach your destination, the beautiful vista you’ve been waiting for, and can think of nothing in the world that could possibly make it better, you think of something.

“Man, I wish I had a beer right now. “

Whether you need to ride hands-free, are riding from the liquor store to your apartment or just simply can’t ride and drink at the same time (because it’s technically a DUI in some states), there are tools and add-ons for your bike in existence that make the transport of beer an afterthought of a task. These holders keep your beer snug and cool, leaving you to focus on the second most important part of your trip—the road.

A multitude of designers out there know how important beer is to your average cyclist. With this in mind, there are numerous options and configurations out there to hold your suds above the pedals, safe from the perils of the open road.


leather growler carrier, beer bottle carrier


The Meriwether Montana Growler Holster

Made from high-quality leather and with the capacity to hold 64 ounces of sudsy-goodness, this leather growler wouldn’t have been out of place on a saddlebag during cross-country odyssey. Heck, I’m sure anybody would appreciate some brews after a trip that long. As it attaches right beneath your seat, it stays conveniently out-of-sight and out-of-mind while giving your two-wheel ride the look of an old-school highway cruiser. Pick up yours here: $50 Leather Growler Tote


beer holder for bike


Rocky Mountain Holster

If you need a little more capacity for a picnic basket or some newspapers you intend to throw on someone’s doorstep, the Rocky Mountain Holster might be the solution for you. Clipped on the inside of a handlebar basket, this holster gives you safe room to put your beverage, keeping it stationary on the roughest of off-road terrain or San Francisco side streets. The fact it looks like something Charles Bronson would wear off his hip is an added bonus. Take a look: 29.99


bike beer holder


TahoeMade Six-Pack Harness

Really looking to take a show on the road? You’re going to need more than one beer. This holder knows that, and actually suspends your six-pack off the ground, leaving you both hands to do whatever you’d like. We’d recommend staying off the jumps though, as there are no straps in place to keep your beers stationary. Not bad $28 Bucks


leather beer holder


Pekar Studios Beer Holder

Though not really outfitted for dedicated use on a bicycle, this is still a pretty cool concept. Using one single handle, you can carry up to four growlers or wine bottles with absolutely no problems. Assuming you find a way to Macguyver a mechanism to hook it up to your bike frame, this could be a great way to bring the party wherever you feel like bringing it. As for getting it home after the party, never fear; it’s made of extremely durable leather and wood, ensuring it’ll last as long as you need it to. Leather Beer Carrier $77.36


wine bottle bike holder carrier


The Vino Transporate

Bringing a little class to the world of cycling, this clip allows you to easily transport a bottle of wine on the frame of your bike without interfering with your legs natural range of motion while peddling. Useful as well as inconspicuous, this device will allow you to carry just about any 750 ml bottle of wine as stylishly as any traveler could hope for with booze literally attached to their bike frame. Vino Transporte #34.50


beer bike holder


The Cruizie By PopArtShop

Made from expired license plates, this coozie can hold your beer and make a statement at the same time. Though it only has room for a single brew, it still makes for a pretty eye-catching statement whether empty or full. Bicycle Handlebar $24.95


beer bike carrier


Bicycle Beer Holder By ParkHillCountry

If you told me I could have four beers within easy access while riding my bike, I’d call you crazy as I reached into my backpack for a cold one. With this attachment, however, all of your road beer aspirations will come true. Not only can you open the holder while it’s attached to your bike frame, but you can store four beers at once, guaranteeing a full afternoon of inebriated bliss. Can Beer Carrier $105

Summer is coming up, these will come by handy

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