Best Russian Dash Cam Videos 2015

best russian dash cam videos

As a form of sousveillance, Russia has implemented onboard cameras known as dashcams. Dashcams mounted on rearview mirrors or dashboards became popular methods of proving insurance fraud and showing police corruption. These cameras provide video documentation of accidents and just plain ridiculous happenings. To read more about dashcams head over to Wikipedia


Cartoons Gone Bad



It’s hard to understand who threw the first punch, but what we do know is that watching four cartoon characters beat a man in an angry rage is hilarious.


The angry driver speeds and pulls ahead of the small van, stopping in front before getting out and pulling on the van’s doors. Spongebob, Mickey Mouse, Scrat, and Luntik ran to the driver and the five began to brawl. The man fought helplessly from the ground as Mickey took one last hit before the cartoons jumped back on board. The men recording the video laughed as the driver is left in the road on his knees.


Drunk or Acting?



Someone needs to give this guy an Oscar for his seamless acting and stunt ability.

A man walked down the middle of the street and when he’s honked at to get out of the way, fakes being hit and falls to the ground, but not even the other pedestrians believe his fall. The driver got out and slowly struts over to the man, leaving Ke$ha playing in his car. Cars began to slow and watch as a pedestrian from the sidewalk jogs over and immediately pulls the man to his feet like it’s the third time he’s seen him pull this charade this week.


Drunk Guys Just Wanna Have Fun!


This video will really make you raise an eyebrow as you watch this seemingly-drunk man 180 on a busy Russian highway.


Passed a truck on the right, a young man peddles himself across the highway on a flatbed shopping cart. Thankfully, vehicles weren’t going too fast, but he surly slowed down traffic maneuvering across three lanes before spinning and heading back to the side of the road.

Hey, at least he was in the slow lane…for a minute.


They Won’t See Us Coming



These drivers, yes driverS, don’t get too far backing up the street to avoid a traffic jam, but, hey, whatever works.Not only were there one but there were more than a handful of drivers in reverse backing up the wrong side of the road in hopes of getting ahead of a traffic jam on the right. Of course after one or two drivers partake, others follow suit, with not even the construction workers stopping or calling the police. Honestly, why not just drive forward down the wrong side of the road? Same outcome, less time-consuming.


Now That’s Fast Food


A man’s car plowed into the sides of two mating cows that wandered into the street before he could stop the vehicle.

In June 2013, a Russian man was driving quickly down a country road and slammed on brakes before t-boning two breeding cows that jumped into the middle of his lane. As soon as the brakes screeched, the female cow was thrown onto the hood of the car and broke the man’s windshield. The man got out to survey the damage as the un-harmed cows retreated across the street.


The Luck of the Russian


Car crashes and collisions of all sorts are typical media for Russian dash cams, but seeing someone not only walk away harmless but preform a flip with a landing some gymnasts can’t do, is jaw-dropping.As the motorcyclist tried to merge into the left lane, the car in front of him decided to do the same without using a turn signal. As the motorcyclist side-swept the back bumper, the driver flipped sideways onto the top of the car, crouched on the roof. Maybe the best part of this video isn’t even the flip or that he wasn’t harmed, but that the car in question continued driving after the collision with the motorcyclist still on top.


May Isn’t Exactly Crash Dummy Awareness Month


May is only halfway over and already, a collection of the most up to date compilations of collisions documented on dashcam, has over nine minutes of footage.So many crashes could be avoided if drivers would stop at lights, signs, and look (before merging) especially on the highway. Most often, it’s a passing car with a dashcam who records the collision and merely waits and watches, as seen throughout this video. But mostly it’s people speeding and/or just not paying attention. Not even a minute in before a car flips over into a ditch and a vehicle on fire before three minutes pass!


Spring is OBVIOUSLY in the Air


Not only were the cows in the previous video a little, uh, frisky, but now the dogs are too!Russian obviously has some “lively” animals that don’t mind risking their lives for a little action. Cars crawl slowly down the street as two small dogs hump in between lanes and no one parks to stop it. The scene takes place so quick you may even miss it the first time but it’s worth the laugh to play it again.


Random Acts of Kindness


Dashcams don’t always show the negative, sometimes they show Russians have a kind and caring soul too.A man jumps out of his car to help a cat safely cross the street in the rain while another helps a fallen man on crutches and many old women are helped across the road. A lost child is seen running shirtless through the street until a driver brings him back home. If the immense kindness from these folks doesn’t warm your heart, the video’s music will surely bring a tear to your eye.

Author: Eric Pangburn

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