Best Man Cave Themes Ideas [Part3]

Best Man Cave Theme Ideas

Dude Living presents yet another installment of the best man cave ideas. Without further ado lets jump in.

Cigar Launge Man Cave

cigar lounge man cave idea

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If you have an appreciation for fine cigars, setting up a cigar-themed man-cave is a logical step. Make sure to get some quality humidors for ready access to your collection and a glass-covered display cabinet to show off your finest wares. Even if you can’t get access to some actual Havanas, posters of Cuban motifs and quality accessories will help give your space that authentic Cuban feel.

Yacht or Boat Style Man Cave

cigar lounge man cave idea
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Land-lubber or salty seafarer, you will definitely enjoy having a yachting-inspired man-cave of your very own! Options for decorating include a boat anchor, a yacht steering wheel, and framed photos of classic schooners. For resting your sea legs, bunk beds are highly recommended, along with plenty of canvas and ropes for points of interest throughout the room.

Bait and Tackle Man Cave – Fisherman’s Den

bait and tackle game man cave
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If you are a seasoned game fisher–or even if you have trouble shooting fish in a barrel–a fishing motif is a great idea for a man-cave! Bait-and-tackle boxes make for great bar accessories, and hooks and bait can help dress up your walls for that authentic look. With a couple of canvas chairs and a few fishing poles strewn about, you can give your man-cave that cozy, classic bait-and-tackle shop look that screams ‘seasoned fisherman’.

Ski Winter Lovers Man Cave

ski man cave

You don’t necessarily have to live in the Frigid Zone to pay homage to your love of skiing! With the right furniture and accessories, your man-cave will have a look and feel worthy of the finest ski lodges. A warm and cheery fireplace can serve as the center piece of your room, with skis, poles, and various other skiing accessories providing that much-needed touch of authenticity. Don’t forget to have plenty of hot toddies on the ready as well!

Safari Man Cave Den

bait and tackle game man cave
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Even if you’ve never been on a safari before, no one will ever be the wiser once you’ve decked out your man-cave in resplendent African-inspired glory! For a color motif, think earthen hues: beige curtains, brown furniture, olive green highlights–you get the picture. Patterns can range from subdued animal prints to savanna-inspired textures, but keep it subtle. With a few tribal implements tastefully strewn about, your man-cave will be worthy of any big-game hunter!

Artists Modern Man Cave

modern man cave pop art
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Give your creativity free reign with a stunning man-cave that shows off your artistic sensibilities! Whether you are a painter or a sculptor–or even if you are merely an art aficionado, there are many ways by which you can turn your man-cave into an homage to the arts. Easels, canvases, and sculptures all make for excellent decors, and adding some quality reproductions will reinforce the artsy feel even more. Some well-positioned spot lights will also help you highlight some of the finer pieces in your collection. Why not make the entire room your canvas.

Urban City Life Man Cave

modern man cave

The vibrancy and excitement of the big city makes for the ideal inspiration for a modern man’s man-cave! Sophistication and ultra-modern subtlety is the name of the game, and you can bring it to life with contemporary artwork and décor, modern furnishing, and depictions of stunning cityscapes. Keep it classy and minimalistic, and you can get the Big City feel without the hustle and bustle!

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