Best Man Cave Theme Ideas [ Part 2 ]

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Top 10 man cave Theme ideas of 2015

When we publsihed out first part of our best man cave theme idea series lots of you sent over some amazing pictures. Join us our our quest to find the best man cave theme that is perfect for your dude living lifestyle.

Without further ado here is another top 10 man cave Theme ideas of 2015

Tiki themed man cave


man cave theme ideas


Still have fond memories of those glorious few days you spent on the Pacific islands? A tiki themed man cave could be just the thing! Polynesian-inspired prints may help you tie the look together, but you will of course want to keep it solidly masculine, so flowery prints and such should probably be kept to a minimum. When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a beach cabin motif, and make sure to have a couple of tiki torches strategically placed throughout.


Office Themed Man Cave Desgin


personal home office man cave


The office is probably the last thing you want to be thinking about when kicking back in your man-cave, but who knows? Whether you are a certified workaholic who actually finds the workplace relaxing, or you simply want to conquer your aversion to the office space, designing your man-cave to look like an office might just make perfect sense! You will want a big corporate desk of course, matched with a suitably-imposing-but-comfy executive chair. Take a cue from the TV series Mad Men, and having a mini-bar won’t just be justifiable…it would be downright essential!


Train Themed Man Cave


train themed man cave


If you haven’t outgrown that childhood fascination for trains yet, a train-themed man-cave could be the best thing to bridge the gap between the young you and the adult you! Train-style seats are a great way to reinforce the look, and you may even be able to pick up a few wooden railroad ties for cheap. Smoothen them down and paint them up, and they make for a great conversation piece when you have people over.


 Contemporary Designed Man Cave


contemporary man cave


Designing your man-cave in a contemporary theme is a good way to go, and it gives you plenty of leeway to explore your modern design sensibilities. The only rule-of-thumb is to keep things stylish and subtly elegant, which means sensible modern furniture, subdued drapes (or even blinds), and tasteful accessories.


King of the Man Cave Castle


man cave castleSource


It’s been often said that a man’s home is his castle, so why not make your man-cave into your very own throne room? Although you will probably want it to look as authentic as possible, you don’t necessarily have to limit yourself to drab gray stone walls. Rich red or purple drapes add a welcome splash of color while emphasizing the royal feel, and you could even pick up some medieval accoutrements from hobby shops and collectors. Don’t forget to invest in a suitably kingly armchair as well; as you know, every king needs a throne!


Rock ’n’ Roll Man Cave


rock and roll man cave


Even if you can’t play a note to save your life, and you’re about as hip and cool as Homer Simpson, there’s no reason why you can’t have your very own rock ’n’ roll-themed man-cave! The good news is that rock ’n’ roll has an absolute wealth of history to draw from, so you have a wide range of options to choose from. Rock ’n’ roll memorabilia, vinyl records and CDs, and concert posters all make for excellent decors. You can even opt for a guitar or two, and a jukebox filled with classic rock ’n’ roll fare.


Race Car Man Cave


race car man cave


Have a need for speed that just can’t be sated with your sensible sedan that gives you decent miles to the gallon? A race car-inspired man-cave could be just the thing! You’d be surprised at how widely available car-themed accessories and furniture are, and you could even pick up a few racetrack items such as racing flags, signal lights and the like. Redo your chairs and walls with racing-friendly colors and speed stripes as well for the maximum racing experience.


Movie Theater Man Cave


home theater


The glitz and glamour of Hollywood makes for an ideal theme for your man-cave! You can have a room worthy of the biggest stars with a widescreen TV (or an old-school film projector for that authentic feel), a few posters of some notable celebrities, and even a couple of director chairs for your guests. Stock up your bar with champagne and a good selection of spirits, and you’ll definitely be ready for “action”!


Beach Man Cave


beach man cave


Even if you live thousands of miles from the nearest sea, an ocean-themed man-cave can help you bring it that much closer! Dumping a truckload of sand isn’t necessarily the best way to go, but there are many other ways by which you can have a seaworthy man-cave. Porthole windows will add a much needed touch of seafaring charm, but don’t forget the deck chairs and the marine displays as well. You could even add a boat steering and a couple of rafters to tie the look together for a grand ocean adventure on dry land!


Workout Man Cave


man cave gym


Having a home gym is a something that a lot of men plan for, but why not go the extra step and make it a workout-themed man-cave? Gym equipment make for attractive and functional decors, and gym lockers and weights benches provide storage as well as seating. As an added bonus, you may actually be able to get a little workout in between all that relaxing and chilling.

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