Best Man Cave Ideas – Part 4

man cave ideas


Dude Living presents part 4 of our best man cave ideas series. Take a look at and let us know which man cave idea you deem worthy of your time and money. Let’s jump in

Modern Rustic Man Cave


rustic man cave

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Have a yearning for the simplicity and tranquility of yesteryears? A rustic man-cave is just the thing to take you back to the glorious past! An afternoon at the flea market or a secondhand shop should give you enough accessories and decorations for that ‘country-chic’ look, and comfortable wooden furniture and some quilt rugs should take care of the rest. Consider also adding in a fireplace, which paired with some tasteful lamps will provide the necessary warmth and illumination.


Golfer Man Cave


golfer man cave

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If you just can’t get enough time on the green, a golf-themed man-cave might just be the next best thing! Green carpeting is almost certainly de riguer, as is a mini golf course. You can even have a few golf flags and tees strewn about. You probably already spent a bundle on a set of golf clubs, so why not use it for decoration as well? With a couple of posters of the Grandmasters, missing out on a few rounds won’t seem so bad!


Wine and Liquor Themed Man Cave


man cave bar


Now this is an idea that makes perfect sense: a wine-and-liquor-themed man-cave! Having a bar is essential of course, and you should make sure to stock it with the finest wines and spirits you can afford. Add a couple of bar stools, beer on tap (or in a mini fridge), and every hour in your man-cave will be Happy Hour!

If your man-cave is already equipped with a bar, setting it up for a full bartending experience is the next logical step. The bar is the most important part of such a design of course, along with bar stools, a good selection of wines, brews, spirits, and mixers, and all the accoutrements that you could possibly need to throw a fabulous cocktail hour.

Home Bowling Alley Man Cave


home bowling alley man cave

Photo Credit: Home of the Rich


If your passion for bowling borders on the obsessive, a bowling-themed man-cave is a great way to indulge! Decorating ideas include polished wooden floors, bowling ball and pin displays, molded plastic chairs, and framed action photos of some of the renowned masters of the sport. In fact, why not go all the way and set up a mini-bowling lane that you and your equally bowling-obsessed buddies can enjoy?


Multimedia Man Cave


multimedia man cave


A media-themed man-cave aka video gamer room might seem kind of unusual, but who’s to say how you should set up your very own private space? You actually have a lot of options to choose from in terms of design and décor, with a newsroom atmosphere providing the perfect blend of comfort and sophistication. Don’t forget to have a big screen TV set up in front of comfortable chairs as well so that you can keep up with what’s going on in the outside world.


Scandinavian Man Cave


scandinavian man cave

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Pay homage to your Scandinavian roots with a uniquely designed that will make any Viking proud! Scandinavian interior design is in a class of its own, where white furniture, lots of light, thin minimal design along with plenty stools is absolutely essential. Throw in a few antique vikings tankards into the cave for the added man cave manly feel. Fur and felt make for the ideal materials for carpeting, drapes, and upholsterers, and make sure to have a selection of Scandinavian delicacies for when guests come over.


Las Vegas Bachelor Man Cave


las vegas bachelor man cave


What goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas, but with a Vegas-themed man-cave, you will have a lot more leeway in that regard! A full-blown casino might be out of the question, but there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to pick up a card table, a slot machine or two, and even a personal-sized roulette wheel! For the full Vegas experience, make sure to invest in some quality lighting, sleek modern furniture, and some crazy wall art as well.


Family Space / Man Cave


family man cave

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Man-caves are usually places where you can get some time away from the kids, but a family-themed man-cave offers you the best of both worlds: a place where you can kick back and take a breather and a room that you can enjoy with your whole family. A comfortable couch and some plush chairs make for ideal furniture options, and a home entertainment center where you can watch movies and play video games will provide something of common interest.


The Entrepreneur Man Cave


modern man cave ideas


A man-cave is a great place to get away from it all for a few hours, but why stop there? With a man-cave decked out in the most productive style. Each space is very functional, close to all the necessities and gives a positive upbeat vibe. This place needs to be functional and comfortable keep that in mind as you shop for furniture and accessories that will help enhance your few hours of alone time even more.


Picking that perfect Man Cave theme is a must to deliver that wow factor for your spaces design. It doesn’t matter if you choose practical or extreme, the most important is creating that environment that speaks to you and your space. If we missed a man cave theme than hit us up on twitter.

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