The Benefits of the Phenomena known as the Bar Shed

bar shed

The days of the man cave may be coming to an end, thanks to the introduction of the bar shed.

What is a bar shed?

The bar shed takes the man cave outside the home and into the yard for more manly privacy. The bar shed can be created from anything like an old shed to a wooden building. It is simply an outside structure that men can renovate and alter into a fun place to hang out with the buddies. Create the bar out of whatever is available and then stock it up, get some ice and invite over those friends.

Convert your Garden Shed

The bar shed is a fantastic way to make use of that old shed sitting in the back yard, or an old wooden building of some sort. If there is a structure, you can create a wonderful place to gather with friends and socialize. It may take a little work, but as long as you have a shell to fill, you have a back yard bar shed just waiting to happen.

Design your Garden Pub

There are so many unique ways to create your back yard bar shed, from furniture to liquor storage to entertainment. Bar shed enthusiasts can put and umbrella or two outside the entrance with some nice weather resistant chairs surrounded by some tiki torches and you have an outside tiki bar, no matter where you are.

pub shed

Electricity can be run to outside units, so this allows a refrigerator to be used to keep ice and cold drinks in. Some cool lights can also be used to jazz up the inner shell of the bar. Creative bar shed enthusiasts can also can use everything from neon beer signs to posters to brighten up the look of their new hang out. Pick up some creative lamps, maybe even the leg lamp with a flashy shade.

Themed Bar Sheds

Many men also like to decorate their outside haven with their favorite sports memorabilia. This can be anything from sport helmet lamps to jerseys and posters hung on the wall. Use themed weather safe chairs and put your favorite team’s glasses on the bar. There are multiple ways to celebrate your team spirit with your friends in a bar shed, so use some of that fabulous imagination and get creative.

If sports are not your favored theme, consider anything from music to tropical themes. Throw up some tropical plants, pink flamingos and don’t forget the rum. Decorate with talking stuffed parrots, pirate hats and make hand hook wall hangings for a friend’s jacket.

Too much? Perhaps just sticking with a favored color is more up to par for some guys.

Bar Shed Potential


The whole point of a bar shed is to have a space you and your friends can be comfortable in and have fun.  It doesn’t matter if you just have a wood theme and a cooler with a jam box, as long as you and the guys are comfortable and entertained. In most cases, the wife won’t complain, as long as you drink at home, and keep your cans, trash and bottles picked up.

Not to mention… this makes the “drive home” a lot more convenient after a few shed or garden pub

Where have Bar Sheds Been All Our Life?

Ironically, bar sheds first got popular in the UK around 7 years ago. They quickly became a phenomenon, and after a few years, their fame spread to the US. Now, we can all enjoy the fun and safety of having our own personal drinking space at home… but not in home. Bar sheds might even eventually replace actual bars. Well, maybe not, but it would definitely cut down on your bar tabs.

Author: Eric Pangburn

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