3D Chess Boards take Strategists to the Next Level

star trek 3d chess

We that appreciate a challenging game of chess have found the standard chess board can become a bit mundane at times. After shopping around and looking at different styles, a unique multi leveled 3D board became our play board of choice.

This amazing style of 3D chess board was seen back in the early 70s. Captain Kirk and Spock or Doc would play on a unique almost see through board connected by silvery wires on early Star Trek episodes.  However, it was initially designed and described in a book called, the Starfleet Technical Manual, which was written by Frank Joseph Schnaubelt in 1975.

Interestingly, a fan of the book took a liking to the 3D chess game, and worked out an agreement, along with some rules, with the author. The multilayered design adds more of a challenge to the actual strategy and play of the game. Chess is a thinking game to begin with, but adding vertical moves to the age old tradition of horizontal movement, evolves the player’s mind to the next level of strategizing.


3d chess set


Thus, the further creation and reproduction of 3D chess boards began, and the unique new play style has started to catch on. There are several different layers which are put together and increase the player’s challenge. Some of the boards also act as bridges between fixed boards. When one initially observes the board, it looks uneven and out of symmetry, but the positioning gives access to the neutral boards.


3d chessboard

  3D Chessboard $288.70

3d chess board

Star Trek Tri-Dimensional Chess Set by the Franklin Mint

 Some of us find the challenge of the original chess game to no longer be a challenge, but 3D chess boards seem to be the perfect set up to stimulate the mind again. This old, yet new version of one of the most traditional strategy games ever created, offers a consistent mental challenge in order to save the queen. Players have to think beyond the flat one dimensional board. We have to strategize how to navigate chosen pieces on multiple levels, increasing the thought that goes into defeating each challenger.

multi layred chess boardReady to take chess to the next level? If so, 3D chess might just be a perfect check mate.

star treck multi level chess

For those who want to experience the game without spending much you can get a multi layred chess board for as low as $27 dollars on Amazon

The Original Star Trek collectors edition which is also seen on the big bang theory includes the gold and sterling silver plated figures and lots of extra goodies for the fans, it retails roughly for $600, we have found a few left on Amazon
Star Trek Tri-Dimensional Chess Set by the Franklin Mint

Author: Eric Pangburn

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