3 Gifts that Don’t Suck

gifts that don't suck

Here are some fail proof gifts for guys that don’t suck

Accessory Docking Station


Sometimes keeping up with a digital device can be a challenge. That is what makes this docking station the perfect gift for around $40 for that special Valentine. This easy to assemble wooden dock is the perfect spot to hold that special guy’s digital device, keys, watch and wallet. The docking station isdocking station for men's accessories

compatible with Android, iPhone 4,5,6 and 6 plus, along with a variety of tablets and iPads. The charging cable slides in from a smalls sli

t in the dock for easy access. The dock is made of Baltic Birchwood and comes in a variety of colors. It fits together and measures approximately 8” X 7.25” and 6.5” X 9”.

 Docking Station: $40 Bucks

Men’s Leather Bag


mens leather backpackGet your guy this stylish, handmade Men’s Leather bag for $99.99. This high quality leather backpack comes in a rugged black, and the dimensions are 14.5” long by 5” side and 11.4” high. This makes it sturdy, yet lightweight, enabling a full load of books, a laptop, paperwork for a meeting, or some snacks, drinks and a change of clothes for a hike. Whatever the purpose, any man is sure to appreciate this cool looking leather backpack to take life on the go.

Men’s vintage Bag: $99 Bucks


Bolt Action Writers Pen


bolt action rifle pen

 Bolt Action Writers Pen: $29 Bucks

If your guy writes a lot, this beautiful, handcrafted, Jack Daniels Oak pen that has a unique gun metal finish is a perfect gift. That special Valentine man will make quite an impression at the office when he pulls out the $29.50, bolt action pen. This precision made pen has finely engineered components to ensure the quality of ink to paper with every writing experience. Not to mention the “My Jack Daniels” pen was crafted from actual white oak barrel staves from authentic charred oak whiskey aging barrels. Your Valentine love will get this amazing pen, a genuine certificate of authenticity and a elegant black velvet pouch for transport.

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