1980’s Favored Toys and Their Effect on Now Grown Boys


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1980s Toys – The toys we used to play with shaped our interest today

There were a lot of great toys in the 1980s, and ironically, what we played with then, can somewhat effect what we are now, or at least give us anther perk in a way. Now that does not mean if we played with toy firemen, we grew up to be a fireman. It is not quite that simple. Consider this to be more like someone who generally liked to solve a puzzle, now finds a way to still do that in their adult life. A man, who led an active lifestyle as a child, might still enjoy an active life as an adult.


Here are two simple examples of what you may find interesting today based on what you you used to spend your time with back in the good old 1980s


1980s Toy – Game On Rubik’s Cube


Rubik’s Cube 1980s toy

In the 80s, solving puzzles like the Rubik’s Cube was a cool thing for the guys to get together and do. Sometimes someone would break out a Rubik’s at a party, along with a timer, just to see who could solve it the quickest. Being created in 1974 by a professor of architecture in Hungary, made this a special kind of challenge… thus, being able to solve this puzzle cube quickly, was truly an impressive feat to some of the ladies.

Men who liked the challenge of the Rubik’s Cube will probably find the Xbox One to be a great way to spend some down time. This console gaming system brings together games, entertainment apps, live television, Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, ESPN and the Xbox Music Pre-download Assassin’s Creed Unity. Pretty much anything video screen related is a part of this system. If your buddies are gamers too, this opens a door to an entirely new level of comradely. The video game live chats via internet connect capability…

Just imagine, all the guys playing a game of multi player chess, or wiping out some undead to save the world.


Today Replacement  – Video Game Puzzles and Challenges


toys best toys 2015Xbox One Assassin’s Creed Unity Bundle: $343.98 + Free Shipping


Guys who are lucky enough to get this gamer dream package will find it contains an Xbox One console, Assassin’s Creed Unity download token, Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag download token, HDMI cable, a wireless controller, chat headset and a power supply. Everything you need to have hours of active, puzzle solving challenges. Guys that aren’t big fans of Assassin’s Creed will find the Xbox offers a variety of unique and challenging games that can satisfy an active mind.

Video Game systems like the Xbox are an amazing outlet for men and boys of all ages. There is such a variety of gaming designs, pretty much anyone can find something they enjoy. Men will also find some great outlets to rent games, before purchasing, to make sure it is one they like.


BMX Bikes of 1980


bmx 1980s


Being a biker in 1980 was not unusual. It was commonplace to see a small group of kids on BMX Bikes like the ever stylish Schwinn Sting-Ray, or a bad azz BMX Cobra riding down the street, or jumping across make shift ramps. As men, we have all seen a piece of board, some scrap metal or even a few small boards of different sizes, pushed together over a concrete block, stack of rocks or whatever else we could find. These rigged up, and often dangerous piles of disaster waiting to happen, led to hours of fun as we rode quickly up and over, we hoped. The fun often didn’t end till the makeshift ramp collapsed beneath one of us.

Men that liked to ride BMS back in the 1980s will probably appreciate a bike multi tool that literally does everything today. True bike lovers never actually stop riding, though they may slow down. That buddy that rides his customized Schwinn to work, or to wind down daily could probably use the occasional quick fix. Tires go flat, tubes bust, spokes occasionally break or need adjusting and screws will need to be tightened at some point. The bike multi tool is unlike any type of bike tool previously available. Why?


the breaker multi tool


Cool Bike Tool

The Breaker multi tool from London’s Full Windsor is literally the perfect gift for the active man. It is literally the complete portable bike repair kit. It includes a chain breaker, for the worst case scenario, with a replaceable tool hardened stainless pin. This fantastic gift idea also contains glass filled nylon tire lever with a steel core, hex bits in sizes 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm, tool bit extender, PH2 Phillip’s screw driver, T25 torx bit, a spoke key, and bottle opener.

Windsor really gave the bike tool set a classy look by encasing it all in black or brown leather within a unique and ironic, recycled inner tube pouch. The entire set is designed so that it easily, but sturdily attaches to or your buddies top tube or saddle. We can ride in style, and have the comfort of knowing, we have the tool to fix whatever problem may arise.


Grown Boys Still Like Toys


Those of us who grew up in the 1980’s will find our favored toys are somehow reminiscent of something we use, or could use now. Man or boy, we always tend to have some favored toy we pay attention too. It was interesting to see how some of our favored toys for that era effect or entertain us now.



Author: Eric Pangburn

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