15 Ways to Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in Style

This is how  you Celebrate St Patrick’s Day In Style

As the Ides of March come in, so does the luck of the Irish. As we look around the color green is literally bursting from most businesses and many homes. Why? Tis time for the annual celebration of the honorable Saint Patrick, on the greenest of holidays, Saint Patrick’s Day.

There is no shortage of fun and exciting things to do in order to celebrate St. Patty’s Day. We have compiled a list of 15 cool ideas to make even the moodiest of Leprechaun’s, a dream festivity:

Saint Patty’s Day Breakfast


breakfast for manly men


Breakfast can be versatile, be it us and the family, our friends, or both. The St. Patrick’s Day starting meal can be a great deal of fun, or pure genius, depending on our level of dedication. If we want to get really creative, and freak out our other diners, add some green food coloring to those morning eggs and milk. Those that prefer to start their day with liquid nutrition instead, will find a Stout to be about as hearty as oatmeal, but with a substantial kick.

Seek Out Scavenger Events


irish pub


It may take a bit of advanced planning, but creating a scavenger hunt can be a lot of fun for any age. Some college campuses, community centers and other organizations host them yearly, offering cash prizes or trinkets. All we have to do is correctly follow the clues and keep our eye on the prize. We can create the same adventure ourselves with a little planning, and well placed stops for some grub and brew.

Sounds of Music


There is no question that St. Patrick’s Day is often celebrated with music, be it traditional Irish, Celtic, Pop, or whatever music we enjoy drinking a few pints with. The primary goal is to listen to something that encourages a lot of energy. There is also the added bonus that dancing a jig helps work up the appetite for a few more pints.


Irish Eyes are Smiling, Even if Not Irish

green beer st patricks day

Just because Saint Patrick’s Day is about the Irish, doesn’t mean we have to be Irish to celebrate it. Realistically, every green banner we see when walking down the square does not belong to an Irishmen. We can still hang green decorations, add green dye to food and drinks, and enjoy the festivities with our friends or families.


Capture a Leprechaun on Film


One thing is for sure on Saint Patty’s Day, there will be no shortage of Leprechauns. Horrible pun, I know, but this is the digital age. That means we can use our mobile device to capture images, or video of these normally elusive creatures. We might even have a friend or two that pops out from behind the rainbow during the holiday.  It is doubtful they will share the gold, but… if the picture we get is good enough, they could reconsider.


Try an Irish Drink


There are some very tasty Irish drinks, and it is unlikely we’ve tried them all. Stout tends to be the most commonly consumed, but try stepping outside the realm of comfort for a day. Take a shot of Irish whiskey, or perhaps even an Irish Car Bomb. These concoctions combining a Stout and Irish Cream can be quite tasty, depending on the bartender.


Get Your Green On

green shirt st patricks day


It doesn’t matter what we wear on this Irish holiday, as long as the color green is somewhere in the ensemble. Some like to get creative, concealing their shade of green, but the reward for that is more often than not, a not so discreet pinch.


Virgin Green Drinks


Green beer usually gets the most recognition, but there are plenty of other ways to enjoy some limey liquids. Mint shakes, sprigs of mint or food coloring in clear soda, or even a green apple drink. Lime slushy is another alternative for those of us who like some tang.




Virtually every restaurant or bar we might walk into will have “something” green on the menu for Saint Patrick’s Day, but why go out? We can create a mean, green atmosphere in the comfort of our own home, or man cave. Make sure and get some green food coloring in advance and just throw a few drops in everything. Guacamole and spinach dip make a nice “natural” green addition to a party too.

pesto pizza


Stout and Pesto Pizza


Finding someone that doesn’t like pizza can be a challenge, so why not just make it green? We can go with spinach topping for coloration, or get really creative. Making a homemade pizza using a bold stout to mix the crust gives the dough rich, deep flavor. We can throw some pesto on the crust instead of the traditional tomato sauce, or add food coloring to the dough too. Each approach will make quite an impression, and likely become a party favorite.


Deviled in Green


Pickled and Deviled eggs are both traditional Irish treats. We can make these with some added flair by simply drizzling a bit of green coloring in as they cool, or during the mixing process. The white of the egg absorbs the dye, turning it a lovely and somewhat rotten shade of green. The guys are sure to get a laugh and a full belly.


men in kilts


A Kilt is Not a Skirt


A traditional Kilt themed party is always a big win for Saint Patrick’s Day. We can find these Irish man skirts at any costume store, online and… it may not be that hard to get someone to make one. Whatever the case, kilt up and give away a prize for the best Irish kilt ensemble. If we can get someone to play the bagpipes… even better.

Irish Cuisine


There are plenty of traditional Irish foods that are easy to make or purchase for Saint Patrick’s Day. Basically any type of potato dish can be utilized, with favorites like Shepherd’s Pie, Mutton Stew, Corned Beef and Cabbage, and Brown Bread with butter. You can go simple and just provide classic Soda or Brown Bread with corned beef for hearty sandwiches.


Leprechaun’s, Lucky Charms and Clovers


Invite a leprechaun. As a matter of fact, invite a few of them. Something about seeing our friends in a big green hat, sporting a faux beard can be funny as it is. Just imagine them spouting off about lucky charms that they’ve been promised for their cooperation. Even the slowest of get together becomes more interesting when in some outlandish costume.

Add a leprechaun image to the dart board, or make the bull’s eye a pot of gold. Throw in a few prizes like a beer mug, stein, six pack or bottle of a favored liquor.


Coffee, Irish Style


All good parties must come to an end eventually. The best way to end a Saint Patrick’s Day party is with some traditional coffee, Irish style. The process is simple, but packs a nice flavor. Coffee drinkers can add a little Irish Cream or whiskey, and toast the top of the wee morning.  All good parties tend to end in the wee hours of the morn.

Saint Patrick’s Day is one of those holidays that everyone can celebrate together. It is all about good food, friends, drinks, celebrating, and… with a little luck, finding a pot of gold. We never know when a mischievous little leprechaun is hiding around the corner, just waiting to give us a prize. We might even win the luck of the Irish.

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Author: Eric Pangburn

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