10 unique Valentine’s Day Gift Idea’s for That Special Guy

Unique Valentine’s Day gifts for guys

Love is in the air, as Valentine’s Day draws near, so does our deadline for finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for that special guy.  A lot of people just run to the local department store and pick up a box of chocolates, stuffed animal or cologne, but this year, try something different.  We should let the men in our lives know they mean more to us than just a tasty nougat or caramel. Therefore, just to take some of the guesswork out of it, we have made a list of 10 unique gift ideas for the special men in our lives:


mountain dew fudge


Mountain Dew Fudge (1/2 lb) Yummy Creamy Gourmet Fudge Gamer/Man Cave Fudge

If that man happens to love Mountain Dew, you won’t want to pass up a half pound of Mountain Dew Fudge for only $12. This completely homemade treat is created with white chocolate and tinted with candy coloring. As far as taste… imagine eating chocolate and drinking Mountain Dew with all the flavor and none of that carbonated over fizz from mixing sweets and soda.


stella artois upside down bottle glasses


Stella Artois Beer Bottle Wine Glasses. Recycled Green Glass

For those guys that enjoy a tall, cold glass of Stealla Artois, why not let them sip it from a set of 4 Stella Artois Beer recycled green bottle wine glasses at $44. Each glass is made from 100% recycled bottles, hand cut and sanded for smoothness. . Each glass is hand cut then carefully sanded to remove all sharp edges. Bottles were reassembled to. Each glass has been covered in a high gloss acrylic sealer to keep them looking new as long as their in one piece.


mason jar wine glass


Mason Jar Wine Glasses

If your honey has a sense of humor he may appreciate a set of 2 Mason Jar Wine Glasses. These fancy, smancy wine glasses were created using the famed, and recycled Ball canning jars with glass candlestick stems. They are available for $18.


heiniken glasses


Heinken Beer Bottle Tumblers.

Those guys that like a pale ale may get a kick out of a 4 set of Upcycled Heineken Beer Bottle Tumbler Glasses for $36. Each glass starts with a recycled bottle that is hand cut and sanded for smooth edges.


wine lamp


Wine Bottle Windchime

Most men are not the first one to hang up a windchime, but perhaps that is because they don’t have the right one. The classy, yet brassy Upcycled Wine Bottle Windchime, at $45, is made from 100% recycled bottles. Each chime is hand cut and sanded, but due to this, bottle styles, colors and shapes can vary. Color requests are accepted and honored according to availability.


apothecary candy jar storage


Apothecary Candy Jar Storage

If your man has a man cave, then he will need somewhere to put his nuts, chips and snack foods. For only $20, you can gift him with this 3 set of Apothecary Candy Jar storage, made from 100% recycled glass jars. The lids have been painted.


blue jar glasses


Blue Heritage Mason Jar “To Go” Cups

If that special guy has a thing for redneck chic’, he might appreciate this authentic pair of Upcycled Heritage Mason Jar To Go Cups for $20. These blue glass cups were created with authentic recycled Ball canning jars. They come with a stainless steel maw.


pepsi glasses


Classic Pepsi Bottle Tumblers

Go classic with this unique pair of Upcycled Pepsi Soda Pop Bottle Tumbler Glasses for $18. These unique tumblers are hand cut and sanded for quality, and are sure to make a nice addition to the bar, or kitchen.


picture frames for mancave


Scenic Outdoors Scrapebook Coasters

Bring a little of the outdoors in for only $10 with this 4 set of recycled tile and scrapbook paper woodland scene coasters. The forest patterned paper is adhered to tile, then covered in acrylic waterproof sealer. The bottom has small pieces of felt placed at each corner to protect surfaces.


mason jar martini glasses


Mason Jar Martini Glasses

Any guy can have a set of martini glases, but for $18, your guy can have a duet of classy, Upcycled mason jar candlestick martini glasses. This unique gift set is made from recycled Ball canning jars and glass candlesticks. They will stand out during any festive or quiet function.

The days are counting down to February 14th, when cupid’s arrow will seek its mark. Each of these unusual gifts will set you apart from those previous Valentine’s Days, if for nothing else, originality. Make 2015 the year Cupid finds the mark that will last a lifetime.

Author: Eric Pangburn

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