10 “Thinking of you” gifts your girlfriend will love

thinking of you gifts


Gifts Your Girlfriend Will Love You For

Your girlfriend deserves all the best things in the world and sometimes giving your significant other a little something is a good way to remind her of how much you care for her. The gift doesn’t have to be expensive, like a brand new Ferrari. All you need is to pay attention to what your lady likes in order to come up with a romantic gift that won’t your bank account. A unique and thoughtful present is better than an expensive but run-of-the-mill one.

Still breaking out in a cold sweat trying to think of a gift for your girlfriend?

Well, fear no more because here are 10 thoughtful gifts that will let your girlfriend know you are thinking of her and make you look like the best boyfriend ever!

A chore ‘voucher’:  If your girl owns her own property, then offering to mow her lawn is like manna from heaven – women HATE mowing lawns! Be her very own handy man and fix broken stuff at her house. Not only will this make you look manlier than ever, it will also put you in her good books for a very long time.

Does she buy a Starbucks every morning? Give her a gift certificate, so every morning when she picks up her coffee – she instantly thinks how thoughtful you are and that will definitely brighten her day!

A weekend getaway: There can’t be anything easier than taking your girlfriend away for the weekend to make you look like a hero in her eyes. Every girl wants her guy to spend time with her and for a whole weekend away. A place she always wanted to visit but haven’t yet is the perfect destination. Use this time do things together and catch up with what’s going on in each other’s lives.

A book by her favourite author: This is another inexpensive gift that demonstrates to your girlfriend that you actually LISTEN, because you have gone out of your way to find the latest book by her favourite author. Bonus points if you can have the book signed by the author.

Flowers: You can’t go wrong with a big bunch of flowers for letting your girl know you are thinking of her. Before you buy a bouquet for your squeeze, pick a flower that she actually likes and make sure she’s not allergic to pollen. Local florists have an endless supply of roses but if you’re looking for fancier bulbs, you should try ordering online. Online florists like Interflora can ship blooms anywhere in the US while Fresh Flowers makes flower delivery to Melbourne or any city in Australia possible.

Practical gifts: If your girlfriend loves to run – buy her a pedometer, if she loves cooking – buy her a recipe book or if she loves painting – buy her a new set of brushes or paints.

A relaxing day at the spa: These can be a bit expensive for some, but for less than $100 you can give your girlfriend an awesome gift that will make her feel like a queen! She’ll appreciate the needed mani/pedi and you can top it off with a relaxing couple massage. Get ready to reap the rewards from this!

Bake her a cake: If you are skint and you can cook – you have it made. Women go weak at the knees for a man who can bake, so rustle up a homemade chocolate cake, tell her that you BAKED it and wait for the applause – because it will come!

A bottle of her favourite wine: Of course, this only works if she likes wine, but if you know there is a particular bottle she really likes, then turn up with it and she will know how thoughtful you are …

A photo album: Gather all the pictures you and her together and compile it in a cute album. Gather and print all the photos from your phone, her Facebook and Instagram accounts. Women take a lot of pictures so you’ll have no difficulty filling the album. Within a few hours of effort, you would have created a whole book of fond memories with her.


So if you find yourself lost in a world of gift giving, pick one of these 10 options and you will breeze through birthdays, Christmas, or any day of the week!

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