10 New Futuristic and Friendly Home Inventions for the Future

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Most have heard of the famed, Jules Verne, the renowned nineteenth-century writer, however, not all have read his novels.  In his writings, Jules described a variety of inventions, all of which seemed surreal at the time, but are now part of our world. He wrote about amazing things for the era, such as submarines, space flight, television, and even the renowned internet, which most of us use frequently.

Seems almost like Verne was predicting the future of mankind, which is not an old/new concept.  This has been going on since humans were writing on stone, and the first wheel was created.  In today’s modern world, inventors and scientists are STILL thinking about new ways to explore and expand our universe.

There are also people who devise ways to prevent and preserve the final frontier’s environment. Some of this said preservation can start within the home, with unique, state of the art inventions that help conserve energy, and have less harmful internal chemical or parts.


Here are 10 wondrous new inventions that can help mankind evolve, and save space and energy:


 1) The External Refrigerator, by Nicolas Hubert


ecofriendly fridge


The entire idea behind a refrigerator is to have an indoor device which can keep food items cold while the rest of the room stays at a comfortable temperature. Such a device, of course, uses a lot of electricity and resources. It would be very simple to cut back on those resources simply by using an outdoor Refrigerator, which does not rely on electricity to keep food cool. Instead, this Refrigerator interacts with the outdoor temperature and draws from the cold to keep its items cool. At the same time, it protects the food from the elements. The downside is what to do when the weather is not cold. The answer would be the addition of solar panels, which are used to draw from the sunlight during the warm months, keeping the cooling process going. The energy saving process would utilize the energy of the sun in order to keep food products refrigerated.


2) Qumi Flexible Cooking Unit, by Ilia Vostrov


ecofriendly cooking


These unique cooking devices could completely eliminate the need for stoves, grills, and ovens.  The Qumi Flexible Cooking Unit can heat, fry, bake, or steam. The device itself resembles a plastic sphere, and provides a room with a space age look, replacing the standard square machines. Due to the design, the Qumi takes up far less room than traditional ovens, and doesn’t require as much interaction. How can cooking not require much interaction?  A pre-installed panel allows the Qumi to be controlled remotely instead with standard physical interaction.


3) Space Saving Kitchen Range – Modular Kitchen Appliance, by Shin Woosup



modular kitchen


The unique and space station looking, Space Saving Kitchen Range, eliminates the space needed for stoves, kettles, and toasters. Each standard unit is actually converted into a slim, square-shaped object, smaller than a laptop. Bread and liquid easily fit into the toaster and kettle, just as various other foods can fit inside the induction hob. The best part is the oven hub uses electricity instead of external heat to cook food. This all but eliminates the risk of burns or a fire.


4) GAIA Wall Mounted Air Purification, by Ankit Kumar


air purification system


Going green is incredibly environmentally friendly, and has become very popular. Just imagine having a “Green Wall”, with beautiful exposed vegetation in a display which resembles windows. This not only looks appealing, but also creates energy and provides a natural temperature control and air purification. The GAIA system is natural, visually appealing, and adds an additional element of healthy to a home environment.


5) Elements Modular Kitchen, by Mathew Gilbride


elements modular kitchen


The Elements Modular Kitchen involves a new physical design, in which all aspects of a kitchen from cooking to air conditioning to refrigeration, all become individual wall units. This gives a kitchen a comfortably spaced look and fully functional area, in the space of an elegant bookshelf.  This is perfect for one who enjoys a spacious living area.


6) The Inflower – Small Laundry Cleaning Units, by Jianjiang Yin


smart washing machine


Nanotechnology is not just about the future of medicine or cyborg anymore…  The new “Inflowers” are a collection of nanotechnology-based cleaning units, which are imbedded in everyday clothing. These tiny machines draw from solar energy for power, then clean and refresh clothes without laundering. Inflowers clean clothes rather we wear them, or hang them in the closet. The more we wear them in the sun, the cleaner they get.


7) Lupe Hand Held Washing Machine, by Il-seop So


handheld washing machine


Though it is not in the Guinness Book of World Records, The Lupe is the smallest Washing Machine in history. The Lupe handy, dandy clothes cleaning apparatus is miniscule in comparison to the size of a standard washing machine. Thanks to advancements in technology, the Lupe is designed to scan for bacteria, and then removes said bacteria, along with any stains in the process. Not to mention, it can even “iron” the clothes.

9) Clean Closet – All in One Laundry Concept, by Michael Edenius


organized closet


Laundry is a task few of us truly enjoy, especially with a busy life style. The Clean Closet is a life saver, as it eliminates the need for washers, dryers, and laundry hampers or baskets It also saves on water, as a smart scanner simply looks for stains while your clothes are still in the closet and removes them from each piece of clothing. Total ease and convenience.


10) Bio Robot Refrigerator, by Yuriy Dmitriev


future fridge


If cool and futuristic is on the list of environmentally friendly home technology looks, we cannot pass up the Bio Robot Refrigerator.  No food shall remain behind closed doors, as the Bio Robot Refrigerator is always open. This allows us to get a good look at the cooling biopolymer gel that keeps our food fresh and drinks cold. Plus, the biopolymer acts as a natural cooling agent, eliminating the need for outside electricity. Each piece of food can affectionately be inserted into any point in the green surface, creating its own independent pocket of cold. When ready to eat or drink, just reach inside and get what you want, which instantly provides more space for the next item to be refrigerated.

Imagine where we will be within the next decade, as more environmentally friendly and energy efficient home technology is brought out of the shadows. Some of these unique inventions are available now, while some may still be up the road a few miles. Either way, this wondrous technology when accessible, will help to lessen the cost of living, while increasing the positive influence of green living at home.


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Author: Eric Pangburn

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