10 Design Plans For Small Homes

10 Design Plans For Small Homes


Having amazing design ideas for your home is never a bad thing, but sometimes space causes you to have to compromise on what you wanted. The ideas on this list will make you think again though, and will inspire you to look at your space in a whole new way! Anything is possible with a bit of imagination, and looking at things in a different way will make your entire home seem different. Get a pen and pencil and start looking at some of these amazing concepts!


1) The Retractable Ceiling Bed


interior desing ideas for small rooms


Source – Great For Small Apartments!


If you live in a bachelor flat or you’re a couple just starting out, a small space is basically inevitable. But it doesn’t have to mean you won’t have space for a comfy double or queen bed, because if the floor is full where do you go? Up! This amazing retractable bed comes with a pulley and chain system that allows you to lower it at night and pull it back up in the morning, meaning you’ll have tons of space underneath for the day.


2) The Fold Out Dining Set


foldable tables for small rooms


Source – No More Clunky Tables in The Way


This might just be the cutest thing on the entire list! This adorable fold out dining set is perfect for a small flatlet, and is nearly no effort to set up! The set is great for if you only need one or two seats, and can literally just be flopped up the second you need to make more space. Just make sure that you check with your landlord or the owner before screwing the table into the wall- it might do you a favour to ask first!

2) The Floating Desk And Shelf


small office desk idea


Source – Great For Home Offices


Not only does this desk/shelf look incredibly good on the wall, it’s also a DIY! The shelf has a stunning minimalist style that has perfect spacing for books and files and enough space for a work place on top. Looking at the instructions it’s not very difficult to make, especially since most hardware stores already have the correct sizing cut for you. Great for a way to make something together, this is a perfect home creation for couples, or even friends to help out with!


3) The Bed Couch


small spaces interior design ideas


Source – No More Late Night Drives For Guests


Sometimes having a small space and a big family is a reality. If you get tons of visitors but don’t have the means to get a spare room, then this couch might just be your dream come true. It makes an L-shaped couch during the day, making it perfect for corner spaces, and by night it can be rearranged into a small double bed. Also great for boozy visits (no drunk-drivers heading home!), this is perfect for impromptu sleeping arrangements!


4) Useful Corners


interior design dieas for corners


Source – Making Use Of Empty Spaces


In smaller spaces, there are always a bunch of empty corners. Whether it’s between doors, or the corner of a room, the space is usually only used for pictures. But what if you could do this instead? Making shelves for those corners might be the best thing you could do! Especially great if you have tons of books or mementos that are stuck shoved into closets. Take all those books and photos and display them as they’re meant to!

5) The Fold Out Kitchen


small spaces diesign ideas


Source – Desperate Times Call For Fold Out Kitchens


Now this is ultra-space saving! Imagine being able to pack up your kitchen and close it for the day when you leave for work, or even exercise at home? This kitchen makes your closet look like a mess! Made with slots and nooks and crannies everywhere, this kitchen has space for all your necessary kitchen tools and utensils, while still being small enough to push into a corner and hide when it’s time to have some legroom. Also great as a conversation starter, this kitchen will prove you’ll never have a dull moment at home again!


6) The High Up Shelf


small bathroom design ideas


Source – Perfect For Tall Families


Have no space for linens and towels? Well we have! This amazing shelving idea will make sure you never shove sheets in a cabinet again! The shelves are mostly DIY, and are made for the small space between the top of your door and the ceiling. Perfect for bathrooms and bedrooms, this easy shelf is all about measuring (twice!) and some good handy work. Since they’re wooden you can paint them any colour to make sure that the shelf matches the rest of your room. DI-Yes!


7) Behind The Door Hooks


small bathroom design tips


Source – Short, Simple And Sweet


Another amazing bathroom hack, this might be the most obvious and most genius idea we’ve seen. Putting towel racks behind the bathroom door is a great idea to save space, and also looks pretty sweet if you do it right! Some matching towels and a nice colour on the door could make your bathroom pop in all the right ways. Plus you’ll never have to struggle with stuffing towels into awkward spacing next to the shower or bath again.  A major bonus!


8) The Ottoman Bed


convertable ottoman to bed


Source – The Surprise Fold Out Bed



This might be the sneakiest space saver we’ve ever seen! Imagine having an entire single bed that can fold into a tiny ottoman? The Ottoman bed might be the best space saving bed so far, and could work in literally every room you have. Such a tiny unassuming thing makes a full single bed long enough for a pretty tall visitor to sleep on. If you could mix this with the L-shaped couch from above you have enough space for 3 or four more people to stay over.


9) Sliding Walls


sliding wall


Source – Privacy With A Glide

Open plan doesn’t have to mean less privacy. If you have an exposed bedroom, this sliding wall might be your rescue from any awkward encounters with guests! Keeping it open during the day makes the space seem a lot bigger, while closing it at night gives you all the privacy you need to have a peaceful rest. The sliding walls also look pretty good, and their simple design makes the rest of the room light up. Big windows, glass pieces and mirrors also make a space look a lot bigger, so this serves a double purpose!

Author: Eric Pangburn

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